Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A busy day!

I installed the little wiring harness for the motorhome jacks this morning but didn't test it because I need to keep the motorhome over in storage, and if something goes wrong it needs to be over there.

Then it was time to try and get the water out of the water separator filter so that the water in fuel light goes out.  I crawled underneath to drain the petcock. I opened it all the way, with jar in hand, and nothing came out!   Drat!

I went in and called the Freightliner dealer, and got an appointment for 1:30 this afternoon.  After going by Wendy's I just made it in time.  But they weren't ready for me so I stood around for about an hour......

Once in the service bay, the fellow had the old filter off and washed the sediment bowl in the parts washer.  I had him show me how it went together as he put it back on, in case I was no where near a dealer when this happens again.  I carry an extra filter for such an occasion.

You have to put the filter and sediment bowl together hand tight, and then fill the filter with clean fuel.  He had it in a empty milk jug.  Then keeping it upright, you slide under the rig and screw it on.  Tightening it with a filter pliers.  I went inside and cranked and started the coach.  It took some extra cranking.  The light was now out.

The water in the fuel came from the Break Time fuel station in Sikeston, Missouri.  The river had backed up over the road when we went thru there and we had to drive thru water.  So it came as no surprise when the fuel we bought had water in it.  The light came on almost within ten miles.  A hundred bucks later, we have a new filter, and the water drained.  But there is still 50 gallons of fuel in the tank, so we will have more water in the separator before it is over.

And when I got back to the storage lot, I tested the jacks, and they instantly alarmed and stalled the engine.  I was done and couldn't drive any farther.  I just parked it.  More calls to Red Bay!

Tonight, I went over to batteries plus and purchased a new battery for the old BMW that is my collector car.  It just sits in the garage most days, and the battery was six years old.  Buying that from BMW is over $300 and then installation on top.

Reading the internet, explained that Batteries Plus had the correct one, and was the only other alternative that anybody had found.  It was $139.  I came home and installed it myself, and it fired the car right up.

While I was at it, I got a new battery for Mr John Deere, and after installing it, I mowed the yard just as a test.  Loyce came out and did the trimming.

I think I am tired now as the sun sinks off in the West.........

Retired Rod


  1. Just bought two group 27 deep cycles for the trailer at $90 a pop, Batteries sure have gone up. Hope you get your levelers fixed soon so you won't have a hanger queen.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Seems like motor homes require a lot of upkeep. I think we will stick with the fiver. Stay safe.

  3. Nothing like getting one problem fixed only to have another one pop-up. Always seems to go like that. I've got a few battery issues to take care of too - one for my John Deere and then there are my 2 watches!


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