Friday, June 3, 2011

A surprise from the rain spout!

Sometime during the night, it stopped raining, and we are all dry inside the house.  So the new roof seems to be a good job.  We did have one little surprise this morning, but we caught it luckily before it became a problem.

When it began to rain hard last night, the water washed some cap nails out of the eaves into the spout that empties onto the driveway right behind my wife's car.  These nails have a plastic washer about the size of a quarter that surrounds the nail head.  So naturally they tend to topple over with the washer flat against the ground.

That leaves the sharp point of the nail sticking straight up toward the sky!!  About 10 of these little devils were right in her tire track just waiting.  By some stroke of luck, I went out with the motor scooter in the mid afternoon before Loyce moved the car.  I thought to myself, I don't remember the roofers leaving those there.

Then it dawned on me that they had come out of the rain spout.  Of course, now I wonder how many more there might be.........

I didn't do much more today, but I did go over to the paintless dent place and they do have the trim pieces in and are waiting for us to deliver the car again.  I made the appointment for Monday.  And he indicated that the insurance company wouldn't pay him the overage on the estimate.  He now needs a check from me!!

I may be shopping for new insurance before this entire episode is over.........

I intended to go back out on the scooter again tonight, as it was over 90 degrees this afternoon, and that makes for nicer dusk temperatures and a comfortable ride in the twilight.  But somehow I became involved in a watch sale from the watch company, that didn't get over in time for my intended ride.  Funny how these computers can do that to fellow.  Time just disappears......

Retired Rod


  1. Just what you need - raining nails in your driveway. Good spotting.

  2. Maybe you could put up a temporary screen at the end of the spout that would catch any remaining nails. Just sayin... :)


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