Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Its a darned good thing we came back here last night as the roofers were on the phone at 8 AM telling us to get our cars out of the driveway and garage.  They would be here directly.

And as promised the crew headed up by a very tall blond headed fellow arrived with a big dump truck to begin demolition.  No one in the crew speaks english, and the tall fellow speaks spanish fluently.  I watched for a while, and he parks himself right in the middle of the roof with a cigarette stuck in the corner of his mouth, and barks out instructions in spanish.

Shingles just flew!!!  These fellows are really hard workers!

They were carrying this stuff over the roof to the front side and tossing it in the dump truck.

This is the tall blond fellow that was it charge as he was tossing a pile from the highest peak.

He had a helper that was alternating tossing stuff when the other guy went after another arm full.

The new shingles arrived and they put up the lift.

And then the bundles started going to the top.  146 of them along with rolls of felt and the cap shingles.

The guy in the yellow shirt picked every one of the 80 pound bundles off of the conveyor and marched it up to the peak of the roof.  At one point he stopped the lift and just leaned on it for a while.

I later found out that the delivery truck fellow worked for a different company, and that they contract to deliver and stack the shingles on the peak of the roof.  Both of those guys earned their money for the couple of hours they were here.

We had roofers pounding and air nailing all day long.  They are not done, they tore off three sides as they thought they could get that re shingled before dark.  They didn't want to leave bare wood overnight in case it rains before morning.

Retired Rod


  1. Looks like you may have had that Nikon D5100 in action for those roofer shots......

  2. Nice new header! Isn't it great to watch others work? :)

  3. Looks similar to when we had our roof re-shingled a few years back except all our guys spoke English. I don't think roofers enjoy a very long career at that job, it looks to be an absolute killer on the back and knees. It's tiring just watching them work.

  4. Love the new header, and your house is fabulous. Those guys are really working their butts off. Hope they are getting a decent way, but probably not..


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