Monday, November 28, 2011

Amarillo by morning, oops were already here.........

Its amazing how things seem to happen about the same year after year.  Last year as we were headed West to Arizona we pulled into the Oasis RV park West of Amarillo, and were met by Mac and Lynette from Garnett, Kansas.   They were in a site visiting their daughter Christy and SIL Dusty, who live in town.

So as we pulled into the Oasis this afternoon, we noticed right off that there was a Heartland trailer with a golf cart on the back in the second row.  So they are here again, but not at their site.  We assume that they are visiting their daughter again, and perhaps may plan on pulling out tomorrow or the next day so we may not actually get to talk to them.

We are parked a couple of spots away, so unless they bolt out at dark thirty before we get around in the morning, perhaps we can wave hi before they leave.

Boy it was cold last night in Oklahoma City.  The wind picked up and the temps went into the mid 30s.  Not freezing but the wind took away the little warmth we had in the rig.  We had both electric heaters running full tilt for most of the night.  It was a sleep in your sweatshirt kind of a deal.

As we were leaving this morning at 10 AM it was still only 37 outside, and the hoses rolled up so stiff that it was hard to get them into compartments.  The wind continued, and this time we were traveling West with the wind out of the Northwest.  I went for an hour in 5th gear eating diesel fuel at about double the normal rate.

The sun did warm us up into the 50s as we were crossing Texas headed for Amarillo. But now as we head off into the evening darkness the temps are falling again rather quickly.  However, tonight the wind is not as ferocious and the heater is keeping up better.

We could turn on the LP gas blower heaters, but neither of us like the noise that they make.  I just looked on the weather forecast and we are slated to have 27 tonight so I had better go roll up that garden hose before bedtime.

We hope to make Albuquerque tomorrow..........

Retired Rod


  1. Yuor making good progress if your in Armadillo already. Glad to see you trucking on west. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Here's hoping you make it to the warmer weather soon. It's in the 80's here in southern California and I imagine it must be warm in AZ as well. Safe travels today!

  3. Just got back from the Sands was great to hear from Rick that you had got on the road heading to warmer weather. Wishing you and Loyce safe traveling.


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