Sunday, November 6, 2011

Calls quit, football and the time change.

Boy I'd like to report about all those phone calls that I have been blocking, but..........  It seems to have all stopped yesterday afternoon.  I got all mad at the guy and threatened him to call the authorities if he didn't stop with the harassment.   Could it be that that was all it took?

But we haven't had a single call again looking for Gerald, or trying to get a loan.  Perhaps it is a weekend thing and they will be back on Monday, but the call blocker is waiting.

Of course today was Saturday and watching the Hawkeye football game occupied the middle of my day, and the Hawks won...........  Barely!  They played Michigan and after a couple of turnovers on the Wolverine's part, the Hawks were ahead.  Michigan mounted a comeback in the 4th quarter and were not to be denied.  They were still in a goal line stand with 2 seconds left that could have tied the game, but somehow they passed incomplete and Iowa won.

I get so tense during these big games that it just drains me for the rest of the afternoon.  I watched other games, but didn't seem to care much.  A lot of aimless TV.

Tonight is the time change, and as you know I collect watches, so I have been sitting here changing the time on oodles of watches.   Messing around with each one making sure it still works.  I think I am now ready for the time to change.   But hey, I need to change all the clocks in the stove and microwave and cars and............

Perhaps tomorrow.............

Retired Rod


  1. Great football games yesterday - I watched the LSU-Alabama game and although there wasn't much scoring it was still pretty exciting, especially since I really didn't care who won.

    That must be quite a chore to reset all of your watches! You know, in 6 or 7 months, they'd be right again!

  2. I really hate to let Jim watch the Redskins play because he gets way too worked up. But since we keep losing this year, he seems to have resigned himself which is better for his heart. Since we are in AZ we already changed out clocks a couple of weeks ago. So no extra sleep for us last night.


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