Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lake home inspection

A whirlwind trip today to the lake home.  Loyce feels that she is really backed up getting ready to head out for Arizona and asked if I could go by myself.  It did waste all day of just driving along.  Over 400 miles of Missouri farm ground and wooded land.

At the lake place, I found everything to be in order, but of course the water has evaporated out of all the toilets and sink traps.  That is usually the first order of business, to go around and run all the sinks, showers and flush the toilets.

I checked the heat to make sure it came on and warmed up.  It had that burned dust smell, so I don't think it has been started yet even though it was below freezing outside several times.  We set it at 45F so it will take several days of cold to cause it to begin to run.

I went to the dock and put air into the floating boat lift.  It is automatic and will air itself if it goes down, but I always add extra air until it bubbles out of the back of the floats.  Back in the house I decided that since there was absolutely nothing in the big fridge I should turn it off.  I did remember to dump the big Ice Cube bin first, as that would have made quite a mess.  I left the doors open and put blue painters tape over the light switches.

So after turning off the water at the entrance valve I left to come home.  It was almost 8 PM when I got back here to KC.

But now I will sleep better knowing that everything was OK in November.  It will be more than 12 weeks now before we get back.

That all depends on when we get to leave in the first place.   I guess that depends on how my body reacts to the laparoscopic surgery.  And that things don't go really wrong and I get another incision.  That would kill most of our plans for this year.......

Retired Rod


  1. I for one am rooting for a quick and easy procedure and then you can be off in the motor coach, Maybe if you just take a couple more days to get out there, it won't wear you down. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Good luck with your surgery tomorrow Rod. We will be thinking about you. No pressure, but hurry up and get down here lol. I need Loyce to shop at the Flea Market with.

    Take Care

  3. Lots of thoughts and prayers for you tomorrow that it goes well and quick.

  4. Thanks for all the well wishes that everyone has been leaving, I really appreciate the positive support.


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