Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day Four

We arose from our sleep today to do it all over again.....  Hurry and get breakfast over and pack up.  We were up earlier than usual, because our body clocks are still on the central time zone.  So with that fact working on our side we rolled at 10AM.

We were only moving from Albuquerque to Holbrook, Az today which is about 240 miles.  The scenery on this drive is quite stunning, as long as you don't look at the buildings and the housing that folks live in out in this country.

There are still a lot of old ramshackle motels and gas stations that remain from the mother road era.  Some of them are still used as housing for less fortunate folks and in many cases they are all boarded up and falling in on themselves.

But look at the buttes and bluffs and the desert,  it is the actual backdrop for the animated scenes from the movie Cars.  I expected to see a sign for the town of Radiator Springs, which is of course mythical. We stopped in the truck stop on the West side of Gallup.

The truck stop was quite busy as folks tend to fill up before entering Arizona, which has a few cents more gas tax.  We filled and then slipped back to the back lot with the semi trucks that were parked while drivers caught up on their hours of rest.

It was 100 percent sunny but the wind was cold as it was barely 58 degrees. We left the door closed for our lunch, but the truck door window was open for some of the fresh air.  We rested for about an hour before getting back on the road.

We arrived here at the KOA in Holbrook at 3 PM.  I was all driven out, even though we had only actually traveled for about 4 hours.  This KOA is a really basic campground with gravel everywhere.  You can't tell where a campsite is or if it is a park road because there is no difference, all gravel!  So get close to the power pedestal, and don't hang over onto your neighbors, and you are good.

The other RV park here is called "OK RV park", but we looked at it the last time we came here and it is anything but, OK.

It is forecast to be 22 degrees here tonight, so we did not hook up anything but the electric cord.  We will take on water and dump in the morning.  It feels really cold outside as I type this but I haven't had the nerve to look at the temp gauge.

The locals don't think it will be that cold from listening to the local news, and we hope they are correct, but also we hope this will be our last night of sub freezing temperatures.  Its only 170 miles to Mesa tomorrow.......

Retired Rod


  1. yay see you soon.


  2. Get south quickly. There's a storm a comin'. Where are you going to be in Mesa? Might just have to stalk you.

  3. I looked back at the blog I wrote when I stayed at Holbrook KOA, and it is like I remembered The owners were so friendly and helpful to me in getting my rig lined up just perfectly. I also liked the dog walk area, and was very much satisfied with the place. I might stay there again and not care for it at all - you just never know.

  4. Glad to hear you're almost in Mesa and hopefully to a lot warmer weather. Have a nice drive and get that rig parked!!

  5. Hope to see you arrived to warmer weather tomorrow. Wishing you safe travels.


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