Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blowing out the Sprinkler System

I never know what a day will entail here in KC until I check with Loyce as to what is on the appointment schedule.  And today was the annual blow out the underground sprinkler system day, since it freezes rather solidly here in Northern Kansas.

If you have never seen this process, it takes a lot of air.  So much so that they bring a tow behind free standing jack hammer compressor.  I think the fellow said it was 150 cubic feet per minute.  Most of my compressors struggle with 6 cfm.  It does take a lot of volume to blow out the lines in the yard.

They hook up the air line and back blow the back flow valve, once the water is secured.  Then they open each zone in the system allowing the water to spray out of the sprinkler heads.  We have 9 zones, so it takes a while as the water in the lines is replaced with air.  This is where all the volume is required because as air comes out some heads water is still being pushed out of others.  Eventually they all blow air and then it is time to go to the next zone.

I have never left KC without having this task complete.  I don't trust that someone would come and complete it just because I made the appointment.  They do have a port where they can run the system with a remote, as long as it is in the on position at the controller, but having them run the main box always seems better.

I did mow the yard for the last time this morning as well.  This is the first time I have mowed since the surgery, and even though I use a John Deere tractor for the main portion of the job, I felt every bump and jostle.   No springs on riding mowers!!  I did use the walk behind Lawn Boy to trim around the plantings and house for a while, and believe me I could not have finished the job with it!  Still not out of the woods that far to be sure.

The remainder of the afternoon became football games, until Loyce announced we were going out for Saturday night.   We went to Red Robin where I could get my plain hamburger and some of their tasty french fries.  I still need food without too much spice, since they also resected my bowel in this process.  That was done last year as well, so I know it will take several months to get back to normal after that.

But I am that much closer in my goal of meeting John Brown for a Burger at Fuddruckers in Mesa.  Umm, sweet potato fries!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Remember, Rod, Don't overdue yet, we want to see you heading south in good shape. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna....

  2. Smart man to check with the wife about the appointment schedule. I like the sounds of that "last" lawn mowing. Sure am looking forward to you getting on the road and having that burger. Love those sweet tater fries.


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