Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birthdays and Carpet

It was Delaney's birthday party tonight, at Chuck e Cheese, and we were privileged to attend.  The kids run and run all over this place, spending their tokens that you purchase for about 25 cents each.   They sell packages that include the party, pizza, drinks and tokens all at once so it is hard to know how much the stuff costs individually.

She was five last week, and that doesn't seem possible!!!  Anyway I took some bad pictures with the cell phone but I will include them anyway.........

She was busy blowing out the flame on the giant 5 candle while her sister Ema (center) and cousin Clare look on.

This was the cake before we cut a bunch of the top row off so everyone got a piece.  She had both Grandmas there too, so she had a pile of presents to open up, but she was almost more interested in going and riding another kiddy ride and spending her tokens.

Since it is a school night, we adjourned about 8 PM and headed back for our respective homes.


We were awakened this morning with the carpet layers calling about 7 AM saying they were coming right over to get started on our floor.  We both tossed on some clothes and got ready for their arrival.

I had moved all the chairs and a table out of the room the night before, but they wanted the bar fridge moved away too.  They rolled up the cord and put it in the small bedroom that I had tiled several weeks ago.

These fellows worked as fast as they could go and took no breaks.  First the tack strips with concrete nails were installed all around the room.  Then the metal strips in all the doorways were put in with bigger nails that they hammer drilled into the floor.

One of the guys began carrying down the pad rolls, while the main guy was cutting it in sections and gluing it down.  Next came the carpet itself.  It was in three rolls, and they struggled to get the big roll around the corner at the bottom of the stairs.

By about 11 they were vacuuming the newly installed and finished room.  76 yards installed.

Loyce needed a sofa moved and a hutch, so she offered to pay some extra cash money if they would help us.   Lets see, tax free spending money, why sure we'll help.  The sofa is a sleeper with the bed that pulls out and weighs a ton.  We took the cushions off and the mattress out but still it is way more than we could handle even if I hadn't had surgery 8 weeks ago.

We spent most of the afternoon moving smaller stuff into the new room and trying to get the space incorporated into our living area.  Until now, we have always been waiting for yet another tradesman to come and install something else, but now it seems like it belongs to us!

Retired Rod

And For Sandy and others......

I posted this picture of Abby and Biscuit back in July as she was sitting under a very determined Biscuit that wouldn't get out of her car seat, for those that missed it I will repost it again.

Look at that grin!  Bif Cut, Bif Cut!!!!


  1. Great pic of Abbey & Biscuit, dogs sure are pervasive when they want something, Rigg's gets on Donna lap when she is sitting in the TV room and won't let her get up, it's hilarious. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Sounds like things are coming together back there in Kansas.

    Now to just get that turkey dinner out of the way and get the big wheels rollin'.

    Chuck e Cheese appears to be a continent wide plague. I can remember taking my own kids there, so far the grandkids have not invited us along on their forays or maybe their folks remember the stressed look on my face as I was surrounded by screaming tykes and being cognizant of my flaky heart have taken mercy on

  3. Thanks Rod - never too many pictures of Bif Cut and grands. We had the "joy" of Chuck e Cheese when we saw Jim's granddaughters in Virginia. Nice to be able to live in your beautiful new room.

  4. Howdy Rod,

  5. Csn you believe the basement is finally done? Congratulations on still being able to stand and move about - I worried several times that you had really gone too far with the work you were doing yourself!


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