Monday, November 14, 2011

Diesel Fuel and Washing the Coach.

I never turned on the computer all day today, as it will waste my time and nothing gets done.  Perhaps I will be ok if I don't get all the blogs read before trying to accomplish the days projects.!

We have read yesterday that there is somewhat of a shortage of diesel fuel up in the upper Northwest.  South Dakota and Nebraska seem to be the center of the problem.  But it is driving up fuel prices all around here, and I was able to confirm that by going on line and looking at local fuel prices which are close or over the $4 mark.

Since car gas is about $3.25 that is quite a spread from gas to diesel.  I managed to find a station that had $3.79 fuel so I went and got the motorhome and filled its tank to the very brim.  Prices may stay the same or rise and fall before we leave, but if we have a shortage that stretches down here to KC, at least we would have enough fuel to get to Northern Texas.  Oklahoma and Texas have fuel because it is pumped out of the ground there.

After filling up, I brought the coach home and began to wash it.  It is rather slow going, but with some rest every now and then, I managed to work most of the afternoon and got the entire coach washed.

The sun started to go down, so I had to go put the motorhome away at the storage lot.  A lot of time spent and not much gained.  The water spots from the unsoftened water here at our house are all over the coach, and have replaced the white streaks from the rainwater of the last few months in storage.  Is that progress?  Lets hope so.......

I do know that I was very tired after the day of washing outside.  So even after 8 weeks I am not up to full stamina.   One day at a time.

Retired Rod


  1. When we left Montana we paid over $4 for diesel. Got to AZ and the price was only $3.69. Now it's up to $3.85. A whole lot more than gas.

  2. Come to Chicagoland where gas prices typically are the highest in the country. $3.98 right now in the city and about $3.60+ in the burbs.

    Diesel is about .40 higher...

    I can't wait until the wife and I are out of this State.


  3. I hardly ever look at fuel prices anymore as I need diesel no matter what it costs.

    You've motivated me to at least think about getting out the soap and water and washing our rig!


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