Friday, November 18, 2011

Babysitting and a TV stand

We were baby sitters today, which kept us kind of house bound for most of the day.  At least Loyce never left the property until after the grand child went to her own  house.  As for me, I made one trip back to the local Best Buy.

I didn't purchase a table to go under the TV yesterday as the truck was full of packages of new wooden furniture, and I didn't want the extra weight on top of the TV.  So back to Best Buy this morning.  After looking at all the tables on hand and finally selecting one, the sales lady looked in the computer and decided that they did have one in the warehouse.

She disappeared for the longest time, and eventually I went to the store room door and inquired if she was still back there somewhere.  And she was but wasn't finding the TV stand.  She found some assistance once they finished unloading a semi truck that was rather full.

So just in the nick of time, she came out with a big box on a two wheel dolly.  She led me to a cash register in the home theater section of the store that was a long ways from the register that we started at originally.  She rang up the box and asked for $97.  The tag on the display table said $179.....  Whoa,  I just kept my mouth shut, and swiped the credit card.........

She led me to the front door where the door man looked over the box and told me to go get the truck.  Once in the truck, I examined the sales slip and it had a $90 discount on it for a discontinued item..  Well, what do I care if it is discontinued?  It will still work as a TV stand...... My good fortune!

Once home, I was loading the box into the house and managed to let it get away from me and it banged rather hard on the ground.  The table was glass, and I thought I had broken it.  It rattled......  I opened the box right there in the front yard and found the glass...........  still in tact!!  I was hearing the parts card with all the hardware rattle.  My heart was still fluttering as I thought I was toast......

Loyce came out and we carried the pieces down to the basement.  I was kept busy for over an hour as I put part Q into hole XX and secured it with the enclosed itty bitty allen wrench.  Eventually it was together.  Was I ever careful with the glass shelves........

And on the tables that the furniture place assembled before they delivered  last week, we kept looking at one of them trying to understand what was wrong with the finish on one of the shelves.  Last night, we decided that we were looking at the bottom of the shelf because it was in up side down!

By getting down on the floor and looking up at the underside, it was finished nicely.  We discussed calling and taking the table back, but it is 20 miles up there.  Loyce thought she would get another table and give them the wrong one back.

But in the mean time, I began to take the 24 allen screws out of the table to see if it would come apart without breaking anything.  It did!  It only took about another hour to get back together right.  It looks much better tonight sitting here beside my chair.....

I asked Loyce if she ever had an Erector Set when she was a kid, since we were putting so much stuff together in the last several days...  She said "No, but I think one of my brothers did."  I am certain that playing with that set helped me put many an item together as an adult.

We still have another table to pick up at the furniture store when it comes in supposedly tomorrow.  I think I will go on strike.

Retired Rod


  1. Haha - good luck with that strike - there is probably language prohibiting that in your contract! LOL The best you can probably hope for is a work slowdown. ;)

  2. Never did put any furniture together upside down, of course with a reclining chair you would notice it right away. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  3. Even simple tasks seem to turn into a lot of work sometime. You've sure been having your share of fixing lately.

  4. Watching Bones last night on TV and one of the characters was trying to put together a baby walker. Made me think of you and all your pieces of furniture.

  5. I have assembled book shelves more than once to find I had put one of the shelves in upside down. It was just a matter of removing it and putting it back the correct way, but it's aggravating to realize you didn't catch it right away.


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