Thursday, November 3, 2011

Generator Parts

I try not to write a blog when I am steamed about something that happens during a day, because it always comes off as a rant, and makes me look bad and not the person that steamed me.

It is now fairly late at night and I have forgotten about today for a while, but still just thinking about it seems to cause me to go grrrr.  But lets see if I can just report the facts as they happened.

Remember that I need the overflow tank for my Onan generator that I found cracked the other day?  So I drove out to Olathe Ford RV in Gardner, Ks as they are listed as the closest dealer.  I waited at the parts counter for a while until a lady decided to help me.

I asked for the coolant recovery tank for a 6 KW diesel Onan.  She had a chart of the models and I pointed to the specific model on her chart HDKAH.  She seemed perplexed.  She said they just order parts from the Cumins dealer up in North Kansas City.   Now what is it that you want?

She didn't like my model number even though it was directly off of her hard plastic chart that they look up oil and air filters from.  She told me I was wrong.  She asked me again, "What is it you need?"  Eventually after looking at the computer for a while she declared that there was no such thing in the generator.

"You need to go get your model number straightened out and find out what the part is called before I can help you!"  and with that she sat down at her desk with her back to me and started calling someone on the telephone.   At first I thought she might be calling Cumins, but no it was a completely unrelated matter for someone else.  She was just done helping me.

I have never been able to do business with these folks very well, but they are our only game in town here locally.  My younger son purchased his RV here, and my older son took his in for repairs, and they ripped the steps off of his 5ver because they forgot to fold them up and caught them on a concrete post.  They still haven't made that right.  I'm not sure what I expected by going out there in the first place.  I guess I should have known better, so it is all my fault to begin with.....

Anyway, I drove back here about 15 miles and the windows were all steamed over most of the way on the inside............

Retired Rod


  1. I'm pretty sure I would have thrown something at her big fat useless head, but that probably wouldn't have a had a "good result".
    Might I suggest you go over to RV Service reviews and post a small rant? People need to avoid this place at all costs. Drive them out of business.
    Here, for your convenience, is a handy


    Do it!

  2. Believe it or not Auto Zone might be able to order an after market tank you get put on it. They have all kinds of stuff they don't stock.I even got the replacement steps for my truck there when the pipes I had rotted out. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Totally understand your beef with this company and specifically this woman's attitude. I agree with Bob and a written complaint should be made to RV Service Review..... although I didn't see the link. There are just too many of these types of bad apples in the bunch and if people don't publicly complain or make others aware, these people just get away with their bad attitudes and bad business practices!!

  4. OK, I clicked on the link and it came up, so hopefully when Al says he didn't see the link it was only because it was a nice robin egg blue colour? (sorry, Color? spell checker doesn't like that second one!)
    But 15 miles is a bit of a hike, only to then be greeted by sh*tty attitude!
    I wasn't even there and I'm a little miffed!

  5. One of the many good things about the internet is the power of the written word. Leaving an honest review, either good or bad, is a powerful tool and will help others make a decision about where they want to do business. Perhaps if businesses learn what impact their poor service is having on their business, they will clean up their act. Your money spends just as well at a competitor's business (hopefully you can find a competitor in this case!). Good luck and don't worry about venting...we all do it.


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