Monday, November 21, 2011

Cold and a Recliner for the MoHo!

This was the coldest day we have had so far this winter.  I don't think we got over 36 degrees all day.  Burrr....

I decided to take my bigger recliner over to the motorhome in the pickup today and switch out the Euro Chair that came with the rig.  If you aren't going anywhere too far or plan to sit in the chair for extended periods, I get along using the Euro Chair.  But if you are going for all winter, its a Lazy Boy for me.

I had to go get my son Ben to help me lift it up into the motorhome as the main floor is about chest high when you are standing on the ground outside.  We wiggled together and managed to get it thru the door when it was on its side.  We had taken the back off, or it would never have made it.

I am certain they will put the ten pound lifting restriction back on me after tomorrow, so that had to get done now.

We also put the anode rod back in the water heater with teflon tape to seal it up.  You just know it will be after dark and below freezing while I fill the water tank and heater in our first campground after we leave here.  It is always below freezing as we travel to Arizona, unless we take the most Southern road  which is I 10.

We took I 40 last year and had temps in the teens in Albuquerque and Holbrook.  No water hose on the rig on those nights.  Just plug in the electric and wait till morning.  I do let the gray water go though before I take off to travel.  I usually don't worry about the black unless it has been about a week.

So we are sitting here listening to the heater drone on in the basement with a space heater running as well.  We have to have thanksgiving you know.

Since I need to be up at 5:30 or so in the morning, I will sign off for now..... Wish me luck......

Retired Rod

PS: Thanks for all the well wishes that everyone has been leaving, I really appreciate the positive support.  This will be my 6th surgery in the last year, so I am more than depressed about it........


  1. Best of luck for a speedy recovery from the surgery. I hadn't kept count. Six is a great number if it refers to your age, or the number of tires on your RV, but not so much when it comes to surgery.
    Here's hoping it will be your last.
    Think positive!

  2. ...and I just reread that.

    Let me add to, "here's hoping it will be your last", with "and that you fully recover!"

    I'll see if I can get that foot out of my mouth now.

  3. Hey Rod love the recliner i put in my fiver, They are a lot better than the rockers that come with it since Donna never uses hers I haven't decided what to put in that place yet. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Good luck Rod!! I hope they can do it using the non-invasive method, and that you are home feeling better in no time!!! :)

  5. Our prayers are with you for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery so you can get on the road!

  6. Best wishes for the ordeal you are facing today.

  7. Good luck Rod and best wishes from Paulette and I for a full, speedy recovery so that you can be on your way to AZ soon after Thanksgiving!

  8. Prayers and thoughts this morning with you Rod. We need you on the road to AZ so behave yourself.

  9. Thoughts and prayers that all goes well, your recovery is speedy and you'll be escaping the cold soon!

  10. Glad you got the Lazy Boy in the rig...there is nothing like 'em. Good luck with #6 and hope you feel better soon.

  11. Howdy Chief,
    We have you on our prayer list and praying this is the LAST ordeal!!
    When they let you out of the horsispistal HEAD SOUTH and don't stop til you see the Gulf!! Then go by Anahuac to Judy Bell's and rest up before you try for desert of Arizona. Then you can stop by the RunningStar Ranch for a few days rest(we're about half way to Arizona) maybe your back will hold up that far..
    We're sending positive thoughts
    your way.
    Joyce & butterbean


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