Friday, November 11, 2011


Loyce, "Well come on lets go!"   Me, "Do I have too?"  Loyce, "You said you would!"  Me, "I did?"

The subject of this little adventure was going to Nebraska Furniture Mart, our big warehouse style furniture store on the West side of KC, Kansas metro.  Its in a big new business complex that also houses the Nascar racing track.

As you remember, we had moved her sofa that was here in the family room to the new basement yesterday, sooo....  Now we need a new one!!  She had that all planned out long ago, but I was just let in on the little secret this morning.

This furniture store is larger than a football field and has two floors, so most of the time I am in there I am lost, but of course Loyce on the other hand knew exactly which door to go in and which escalator to take up to the sofa living room display area.  To me, I just wanted to bolt out to the car with Biscuit!

Eventually I picked out the piece that I liked and sat down on it without saying too much.  I just waited.  And before long she came over and said something to me and then stopped and looked at what I was sitting on and said, "What's wrong with that one?"

I guess it is lucky that we have been together for 43 years, because we do have about the same taste in stuff.  I bought her the Honda CRV and she never even went to look at it until I brought it home.  She loves its color, so I got lucky.

Anyway she picked a couple of small tables, and one of them I had already seen and liked.  So we went to the checkouts and arranged the payment.  We did decide to upgrade the sofa to the next more expensive one, because I began to look at the upholstery carefully and decided that it was a fairly cheap grade.  So I had to get her back over to look at the next more expensive model.  It was a tad darker, and then she changed one of her tables too.  The salesman was hating us by about then.

This seemed to kill a lot of the afternoon, and when we got home, I had a door that needed cut off to go over the new carpet.  I had to dig out the table saw in our messy garage.  That turned into a cleaning and straightening project.  And in the end, I couldn't get the fence close enough to the blade to just skim off 3/8ths of an inch, so out came the skill saw and I cut it off by hand.

If I had started that way to begin with the cleaning project would have been a lot shorter.  But now we have the doors back on to cover the storage areas, so it is looking more finished.

We received a call from the store that they had all the pieces here in KC and that they would be out on Monday.  They had a big sign outside that said "Free Delivery Special", but that didn't apply to our purchase for some reason, but I didn't even bother to listen to the why part.  I just hate stores that advertise things that turn out to not be how it will work out when you get there.

I could go after the stuff with the utility trailer, but then how would I get it into the house?  And the utility trailer has the big scooter in it ready to go to Arizona, so it would be a big pain.  I guess the $60 fee to get it delivered isn't so bad after all.

Retired Rod

Happy Veterans Day (Remembrance Day) to all of our past service members!  I served in Viet Nam in 1969 at the height of the troop numbers in Country.  Nixon became president that year and began pulling out the troops,  and our unit came up for removal before Christmas, even though we were scheduled to stay until March of the following year.  After that, I never thought that Nixon was such a bad fellow..........


  1. I voted for Nixon too. I liked the nickname Tricky Dicky,we were in during the same time period 66-70.Thanks Rod for your service, but the liberty was good, don't you agree. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. The $60 fee is well worth the price instead of trying to do that yourself!

    I know your service is much appreciated by all Americans and us Canadians who know you as well!

    Enjoy the Veteran's Day weekend.

  3. Only Nixon could go to China... :) Thank you for your service!


  4. My sister would love your for the Nixon comment. She thinks he was the greatest President of all time. We have disagreements about that often. Thanks to you and all who have served.


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