Friday, November 4, 2011

Looking for Parts at the right Dealer!

Today I decided to go directly to Cummins Central Power up in North Kansas City even though it is more than 30 miles away.  They have several Midwest states as their territory and KC is one of them.  Cummins is also Onan so I went right into the parts counter.

Again I had to wait a while as other customers were ahead of me.  But soon it was my time, and the fellow at the counter knew exactly what I needed and the model number that I was using was the right number.

He looked it up on his computer where he had complete exploded drawings of the entire machine with part numbers and inventory lookup.  The problem was he didn't have it in stock.  There were several in his other stores, Omaha and Des Moines were the closest.  But we decided that I had time, so just order the tank from the Cummins facility in Tennessee.   It will take a week and they had more than 50 so we will get one.  Pricey little item at $125.

It took about 45 minutes each way, and I will have to make the trip again next week when the tank comes in.   By then it may be too cold to install it here in KC.    At least we will have the parts........

Also mid afternoon, we got a call from some carpet installers that we didn't recognize.  But they identified themselves as Home Depot installers, and confirmed that they had our new carpet in their warehouse.  Whew!  I wondered if we would get this done before leaving here.........

So the appointment was made for next Wednesday.  Again they will call by 7AM to let us know a 2 hour window that they will be arriving in.  You know, we will be there between 9 and 11.  I guess they don't mind wasting my time because theirs is way more important......  We aren't paying a lot for the installation, which is a special that Home Depot has running right now, so perhaps we will put up with what ever it takes to get it done.

The rest of the day was routine, reading blogs and napping with Biscuit on my lap.  She loves to snuggle in the big chair, but is way more jumpy at the slightest noise......

Retired Rod


  1. There you go! Worth the drive to the proper dealership.
    Just too bad they didn't have one back there on the shelves is all.

  2. We used Home Depot back at Home Rod to install two bedrooms with carpet and they did an excellent job. I don't think you will be sorry. They were there bright and early I just think they say that just incase they have problems with the job a head of you.

    Take Care

  3. Glad you were able to order the part you needed.

    Good news about getting your carpets in downstairs!

  4. Nice to find someone who was willing to help you. Sorry you had to order the part but at least you will have it and can get it installed when weather and time permits.


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