Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey Day!

Oh my goodness did we have a lot to eat at my son Chris and his wife Melissa's home today.   They smoked a 14 pound turkey in the electric and wood smoker starting at 5AM this morning.

We opted to bring the 10 pound spiral cut ham with the brown sugar glaze that only took about 2 or more hours, so we had to be up by about 9 AM!!!  But hey at least we brought food.

We got a little crossed up as Chris and I decided that I would make the mashed potatoes, and Loyce and Melissa decided that I didn't need to go to that much work.  Just out of the hospital and all.  So I was up before Loyce and peeled about 10 pounds of spuds and had them in the pot ready to cook when I found out that Mel was making them too.

So, we had mashed potatoes coming out of our ears.  When we were cleaning up, I mixed the bowls of potatoes together so that no one would know who's were who's.  Take home left overs and have some of each, LOL.    Maybe they can donate some to the food bank.........

Anyway it has been a long time since I have had that much to eat, and all on one plate mind you.  And we had pumpkin pie and pecan pie with whipped topping for desert later in the afternoon.

Of course we men had to sit in the family room watching the football games and the gals had to play with the youngest baby that John and Heather graciously brought along.  John is Melissa's brother and her mother and father were there too, so some of the kids had grandparents coming out of their ears.

I didn't get a count of the number of folks that sat down but it was two very large dining tables full.  And the kids table as well.

Just family fun.  As one of the Maxine cartoons said, I told Chris that if he didn't want so many folks to come over for dinner, all he had to do was leave the Turkey a little under cooked and sort of raw and they would all find somewhere else for next year.

He looked at me seriously, and said "Ya Right!!"

Hope you had a good celebration at your family get together as well!

Retired Rod


  1. Meh, having too many mashed potatoes is certainly not a big deal. Spuds are cheap.
    If that's the only possible mis-step, I think you did well.
    Nice to see you had a fine time.

  2. Sounds like it was a 'too many mashed potatoes day'. Pam peeled, boiled and mashed a big bowl full and we found that a couple of others had done the same thing so we had way to many mashed potatoes too! Pototato pancakes here we come!

  3. OH you should have turned the left over potatoes into the Bacon and Cheese potatoes from our Blog. They are so good. So Thanksgiving is over when are you two going to "hit the road"


  4. Potato pancakes - definitely. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. What a great Thanksgiving.


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