Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back to the Furniture Store

I found out what that $60 delivery fee that I paid to Nebraska Furniture Mart was also good for besides just bringing the stuff down here on the truck!  They put the furniture together before they come!!!

We had ordered a coffee table to go along with an end table and it was to show up today.  So we had to drive back up to the speedway exit and go get in line to pick it up.  Of course we couldn't just do a pickup, we had to go shop all of the big store again.

And yes that meant we had even more treasures that Loyce came away with.  Now back in line to get that table, and that was when we found out that they come in a box completely in pieces.  She also bought a couple of small side tables for the basement, and of course one of them was not in stock.  But we did pick up the one they had.    And, it was in a box in pieces as well.

While Loyce was shopping, I ended up looking for a TV for the basement, and picked one out only to find that they didn't have that either.  It will be two weeks before they get more, so I just gave up.  We should be gone from here by then.

But I ended up stopping at Best Buy, where they had the same TV for only a few dollars more.  They would have price matched NFM, but when they found out they were out of stock the price match deal was gone.  If you can't get it today over there, then our price is what it is.  Then I found out that they only had 2 at Best Buy.  And our Olathe store was out as well.  So I paid the extra money and felt glad to just get one.

By now the back of the pickup was beginning to look a little full, so we drove home and began to load all of this into the house.  The assembly procedures began after that which took quite a while as we have no experience like they do.

I did get the TV up and running in the new basement room, so now it is official that I can go down there and hide!  Putting together furniture that was made in China with Chinese bolts and nuts is slow going.  Their quality control on their hardware is not like US made stuff.  But we need to keep the overall cost somewhat low so that means "Made in China!"

I don't think anyone will come over and turn our coffee table over to see if it has a USA stamp on the bottom........  And if they do, perhaps we need friends that are less particular!!  LOL

Retired Rod

By the way, the pressure cap for the Onan is also special order and will take several weeks to acquire so that is off our list before departure now......


  1. Having a pick-up truck can be a mixed blessing. So easily filled.

    There have been times when I've simply thrown out some of the hardware that come with store bought items and just use my own. Less frustrating that way.

  2. I'd love to see some pictures of the basement room renovations. Sounds like it has really come together. :)

  3. We always have the issue of whether or not Jim is going to read the instructions before he starts putting it together or later. And you know now that anybody who shows up at your house will turn over that coffee table. lol

  4. Glad to see your basement project is winding down with those finishing touches. The hard work has payed off, with a nice place to watch some games. Now get ready for that Arizona sun and some nice scooter rides.

  5. When I moved to Asheville I bought all my furniture from a long-time family-owned little company. They assembled everything that needed assembly, and I was so grateful for that.

    If I ever come by your house and stop to visit, I'm definitely going to turn that coffee table over!


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