Sunday, November 27, 2011

Twin Fountains

I always forget just how noisy it is here in the Twin Fountains RV Resort.  We are right at the corner where I 44 joins I 35.  So we have two interstates that become one for about eight miles before I 44 heads off to the Northeast and becomes a toll road.

So with that description, can you guess where here is?  We are still several miles North of downtown Oklahoma City, and Twin Fountains is one of the nicer campgrounds that we will ever go to.  It has concrete sites and blacktop roads.  The main building is a log cabin that is clubhouse sized.  It even has a pizza restaurant inside along with several big screen TVs.

I called ahead when we were still North of Wichita and asked if we needed a reservation, and was told no as they had lots of sites.  When she asked how long we were, I explained that we were towing a trailer and had a car too.  She said I needed her big site and told me not to worry.

It was about 5 PM when we pulled in, and to our surprise, we were given the long site on the East side of the pond that has the two fountains in it.  Its winter, and the pond is red with Oklahoma muddy water, but the squirter things that spray up in the air are still running.  The site is over 100 feet long.

This morning it was raining cats and dogs while we finished packing up the rig and Loyce put a lot of stuff into the CRV.  This is new for us, as we have driven a Camry car in the past, which didn't haul nearly as much.  As we left town, right on que, the rain seemed to go away.

We only stopped in Emporia for Wendy's in the truck stop and a few gallons of diesel, along with a few bathroom breaks at the toll road rest stops.   It was windy, and we fought that all day long.  It was to our side and behind us most of the time so it didn't drop fuel mileage much, but it blew us all over the road in gusts.

We had to wash out the water system after arriving here as it was full of the pink stuff.  This is much easier when you are on full hookups.  Still we had to get the water heater going and the black tank with some chemical.  I filled the fresh water about half way too so we would have something to use the potty with while we were traveling.

Oklahoma doesn't have restrooms at their rest stops, so the potty is the one you have with you.  It looks weird to see the pull offs with nothing but green dumpsters alongside the roads.

So we are spending the first night of our winter trip tonight, and I couldn't be any more excited........

Retired Rod


  1. Boy my head is spinning, didn't expect such a fast start your trip.Wish we were following you but with a busted fiver anything this winter will have to wait until it is fixed, Hopefully they will start on it next week.Enjoy your trip and have fun , and be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Yay your on your way travel safe my friends.


  3. Up north of the Medicine Line it is a pretty fancy rest stop that has both a garbage can AND an outhouse.

  4. You surprised me. Didn't know you were leaving so soon! Have a safe trip. Looking forward to your winter escapades!

  5. You've sure surprised everyone with your hasty departure!

  6. Weather's great out here in Arizona. Put the hammer down and go, go, go:))

  7. Wow! Didn't expect to see you on the road so fast - that's great! Have a safe trip and enjoy the travel time!


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