Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another Oil Change....... on the RV!

It seems like I spent all day getting an oil change on the motorhome.  Perhaps that is because it did take all day.

I left the house to go over to storage about 11 AM, and pulled in behind the motorhome with the pickup. You know the drill in the storage places, move the motorhome and park the truck on the exact spot that you have rented, and then drive to the gate.

Of course the gate code number entry box is down low to the ground for cars,  so you have to get out of the motorhome and walk across in front of the vehicle and enter the code by crouching down to its level.  Then you have to run as fast as you can back to the door and wait while the steps extend, scurrying up into the coach.  Jump in the seat with your foot on the brake, and try to get the electronic push button shift to engage drive.  About that time the gate starts to close and you have to try and beat it the second time.   With my recent surgery, I just waited at the gate for someone to come along and open it for me.  About 10 minutes was all.

It was already noon by the time I got back to the house with the coach which made me late already.  Loyce was still at her doctors appointment, so there went my ride.  I drove straight to Freightliner service in Olathe, calling my oldest son Chris in the process to see if he could pick me up.

I did make it about 1:15, where I learned that the appointment was just set as PM which meant sometime after lunch, and the ticket writer said " your about right!"   Chris came about 1:30 and retrieved me from the dirty truck garage.  They have no waiting area at all just a counter that you can lean against.

It was still raining and the parking lot is all gravel (Mud).  Biscuit was with me since I didn't want to leave her all alone all day, so grand daughter Abby got to hold Biscuit in her car seat again like she always does.  That is such a gas to see, because Biscuit is as big as Abby.  Bif Cut, Bif cut she screams endlessly.  She's three..

Chris got me back to our house about 2 PM, where Loyce was home.  She had to go over to the elementary school to be with Abby's older sister Claire for daisy scouts, so she announced that we were leaving in about 20 minutes.  This is where it gets kind of dicey, because Chris just left me off.

So we rode back over to Chris' house, but I did get a Wendy's burger in the process.  By now it was 3:15.  At about 4 we suspected that the coach should be done, so he drove me back over to Freightliner.  Now the garage is less than a mile from his house so this isn't a big deal.  Still raining like cats and dogs, I just jumped out and he left.

That was when I found out that the brake light switch warranty recall repair had gone badly and they didn't have the oil change service even started.  They offered me one of the office chairs where a fellow was home sick, and I just hung around for another hour.

In the meantime, Loyce, Chris and Mel had made Potato soup and I learned that supper was back at Mel's kitchen.  Loyce just watched this process, as I think Chris was acting as head chef.  Anyway I drove the motorhome back to Chris' house after paying the $275 bill.  They changed both fuel filters, which adds another $50 to the total.

By now it was totally dark and still raining that misty windy 40 degree rain.  I ran over several curbs in the process.  I just can't see in the mirrors at night to negotiate the turns like in the daytime.

After eating, I was still worried about the rainy darkness, and politely excused myself to drive back over to the storage place, where I lucked out when someone had just opened the gate.  It was almost 8 PM when I got home with the pickup.  9 hours later...........

And people wonder why I do these things myself..................

Retired Rod


  1. After my very last experience (ever) at the RV dealership getting the oil changed, I just decided it was just as easy to do it in my drive way. Of course, admittedly if it had been a diesel, that's a whole other story. They just hold a LOT of oil.
    I dutifully showed up for my appointment, and the girl said she "forgot" to schedule it. Huh? How do you do that?
    So silly me, I rescheduled for the following week. I really and truly should have just not shown up and said, "Oh, I forgot to put it in my book", but I'm guess I'm not that meant spirited. Then they ended up charging for for an hour and 15 minutes to change the oil.
    By that point I just wanted to get out of there...
    Funny thing is, the next time (when I did it in my driveway) it took me all of 20 minutes. Hm..
    And yes, that's why a person does these things themselves.

  2. One of the reasons I'm glad fivers don't need oil changes and a duramax can go through any Fast oil change place, even Wal-mart.Glad you finally made it home, I would have came west to join the search party if you took much longer. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. That was a long day. You sure do seem to get a lot of oil changes which all your vehicles, boats, scooters, ski-doo's etc. You need your own oil well.

    I'm guessing 'Bif-cut' just loves going for a ride in the car with your 3 yr. old granddaughter!

  4. A picture of Bif-cut in the car seat with the grand would sure be fun to see. Hint, hint. What a horrible day for you. I hate days like that. I'm usually a wreck by the time. Home you can rest a little bit today.


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