Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Waiting at home........

One of those days, where you have a delivery coming and they give you a time window that they will arrive.   You know, between 10 and noon.  Well noon came and went.  So we called and they said Oh, Well maybe it will be 1!

So one came and went, but this time they called us, and said they were right around the corner......... Ya, right.........  Then 2 came and they called again and said we were next.......  And low and behold they came in about 15 more minutes.

This was the furniture company that was to deliver the new couch that replaced the one that went to the new basement.  The fellows were quite nice and carried it all the way into our back sitting room next to the kitchen.

Loyce must like the new couch a bunch because she chased her beloved Biscuit off of the seat in almost a heart beat.  "Get off and stay off!!!"   Eww,  I haven't had the nerve to go over and sit on it either,   I'll get the same treatment if I know what's good for me.......... Maybe after she goes to bed.......

We also purchased a lamp to go on one of the tables, and when we opened he box, there were three lamps in it.    Seems as though we had purchased a set of lamps and didn't even know it.  I thought the price seemed a little high for one lamp, but then what do I know.   Anyway it was late in the afternoon when we got all the stuff put together and the old carried away.

So that spent our day.  Just sitting around waiting for the truck.......  Well I read the internet and caught up on all those blogs that I didn't read yesterday.

Oh, and I think I wasn't clear about the diesel fuel thing yesterday, I wasn't worried about the price of fuel, but rather stations are out of fuel!   The shortage reported North of here has stations running out of fuel completely and folks have to wait until they get more.  I was concerned that we might get tight down here in KC and wanted to have enough in my tank to make it as far away as possible.

Since there are refineries in West Texas, I surmise the availability down there should be better.......   I hope!!  Or perhaps this is just a real short term deal and prices will drop as soon as everyone gets their winter heating oil barrel filled.

Anyway our tank is topped up and we have no way to store any more, nor would we want to as fuel oil is a fairly large fire risk.........

Retired Rod


  1. Haven't seen a fuel shortage lately in the east end of MO. One of the reasons there is such a big difference in price on diesel is a couple years ago at least in MO the state added 17 cents tax just to diesel, not gas,guess they wanted to gouge the truck and train market, Now UP fuels in other states.Don't know if Kansas followed suit.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Sure - a shortage of diesel just when we buy a diesel truck. Just told Jim we're going to keep the tank full just in case. Never a dull moment. Glad the couch arrived. Did you ever get to try it out?

  3. Hope you get to try Loyce's new couch out! Maybe those 3 lamps are so she can keep a good eye on it!


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