Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beggars night!

I sometimes wonder how I got started blogging every evening. Seems like it would just be easier to pass on some of the nights that we haven't done much for the day.  But no, I feel like I have to explain nothing.  So here goes.........

This is Halloween, and Loyce likes to have all the kids and grandkids come over here for Halloween, so she was cleaning and getting the house ready for that all day, and I have learned to keep myself small during these times.  

Now obviously I can't change my rotund size, but by keeping myself small, I mean sitting over here in the corner and not making a mess anywhere...  Just speak when spoken to and otherwise stay out of the way.

Fast forward until tonight, when we had the extra large bucket of Original finger licking good chicken with all the fixins.  Both sons and their wives and five grandkids polished it all off.  The kids and parents canvased our neighborhood for all the goodies available, and then they were back about 8PM devouring it as fast as possible.

The sugar highs set in and the younger ones began to cry and not listen to their parents.  So the party was over just as fast as it started.  Tomorrow is a school day!  I meant to take some pictures of the costume get ups, but I'm still not moving fast enough to catch younguns when they are on a sugar high.

Anyway Loyce thinks Halloween is one of here special times of the year, and we will never ever leave before the first of November.  Never!

Retired Rod


  1. I never did care for Halloween, even as a child, and you're 100% right about the sugar high. There is nothing good about consuming massive amounts of candy and sweets!

  2. I totally understand your first paragraph and I also sense your frustration about having to stay home and do the Halloweeny thing. Like Gypsy, Kelly and I are not big Halloween people. But then again we aren't big Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. etc. etc. people either.

  3. I love Halloween but since we moved to the farm 10 years ago we have had NO kids come by and I guess at Dog Pound South it will be the same thing as we had NO kids at all over here. Hmm " making yourself small and not making a mess" I guess we will have to be married longer for JB to catch on to that lol.

    Remember Rod when Momma is happy everyone is happy

    Take Care

  4. Halloween is one of the biggest days of the year for kids and it's great that Loyce looks forward to it and enjoys it so much. I kind of think you get a kick out of it too - except for the mandatory house cleaning frenzy (stay small is always good advice)!!!

  5. I still enjoy seeing the kids all dressed up and having a ball. It's all about imagination and just having fun. Wish I could still do it!

    Russ sometimes tries to "make himself small" when I clean house but I usually manage to find him and hand him a broom or a dust rag (ha-ha)!


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