Wednesday, August 6, 2008

After the auctions

On the second day of the auctions, I usually miss bloging all together. But tonight, I am back with the awake, after an afternoon nap and an evening of reading junk on the computer.

Well, not junk, but a bunch of blogs, that I normally do not read on a daily basis. I got hooked up in reading one from last winter, and went day by day and wasted the rest of my day. I won't post the name for fear of offending the folks that write it, but I found it interesting just the same.

We didn't get any cars again today, as there seemed to be a fellow that was always ready to pay the next $100 over the price that I was willing to pay. I had eight or ten vehicles chosen to bid on, but never came close to getting one.

If you decide that the highest you will pay is 10,500 and then they are back on every bid immediately, like you have no idea what you are doing, and then it goes to 10,900. Now it is up to you to go 11,000. You are already 500 over, and where will the other guy decide that you are nuts? So give in and hope you get the next one.

If you were using the vehicle for yourself, you could justify that you will get the additional use and pleasure out of ownership. But as a financial decision, where you will only own the car for 15 minutes while you drive it home, giving away money isn't prudent. Make a donation to the Red Cross or something.

But when you get to the end of the day, and you couldn't find even one normal priced car, something is wrong.

Actually, there are very few new car trades, as new cars are not selling. This creates a shortage of used cars, that folks would normally bring to the auction. Dealers almost never keep a car to put back on their own lot. Customers do not want to know what the dealer is asking for the car that he got so little for on trade.

So that was our day here, mostly boring with a nap in the middle. Tomorrow is another grandkid day for grandma Loyce. I would bet that I sneak away before noon. LOL

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