Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday BarBeCue!

Drunk Butt Chicken

Hey its not over 100 outside, so its not too hot to start a fire!

Coming out of the air conditioning really fogs over the camera, but the fire starter is plugged in and the charcoal is beginning to glow. The awning from the table is making some shade, but it still feels like I could cook without the fire. Maybe jump in the kids pool and forget the whole thing.

I went over to Lowes and got the right can stands for four dollars each. They explain this process. But I'm male, so I didn't read it.

Fill the cans with skunky beer, something that been in the fridge for a year or so, and some apple juice. About two thirds full.

Oil up the chicken, with olive oil and rub them with barbecue spice. Inside and out. As much as you can get to stick. Then stand them up on the can.

After the fire is going good, spread it out around the outside. Place the aluminum pan under the birds to catch the drippings, and they are ready to cook.

After about an hour, look out and see if it is still hot outside. Muster the courage and go tend the fire. Add more briquettes to the fire after you scrape it back to a smaller pile, on each side.

Watch the heat come back up. It eventually made it back to two fifty.

After another hour, not counting the time you had the lid off, your ready to serve. These guys gushed juice when we cut into them. We ate most of one tonight, and saved the other for salads tomorrow.

About that name, Drunk Butt Chicken. It is all over the internet, under that name, but I found one place that called them "Dancing Chickens." Do theses two look as if they are dancing?

Well maybe if you are stretching your imagination a bunch.

I didn't take pictures of the eatin part, cause you'll have to imagine that too! LOL!

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