Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back in KC after fun at the lake

We went out on the lake this morning by ourselves. I think this is the first time we have been out on the lake all by our lonesome for some time. We just putted around the coves that we have been in over and over again.

We have been going to the Lake of the Ozarks for 35 years so we know the history of most of the houses and buildings on the lake. Things change but really very slowly. With the current economic downturn, things are mostly at a standstill.

We did find several new houses being built in time for winter, and most of the remodels that were started this spring are now done. You watch this sort of thing as you put along the shorelines.

We came back to the house and buttoned up the place. We were on the road by two thirty and back here by six. Not much to report about the trip home, except that the crops here in Missouri are looking as good as I can ever remember. Especially the soybeans are waist tall and vined across the rows. Yields should be quite good this fall.

This should help the rural communities, as many are almost in the last throws of a slow death. Not much commercial activity left in most of the towns. Wal-Mart has moved into the larger communities, and that is the end of any small businesses.

Tomorrow we press onward in our preparations to leave for a fall vacation. At some point we will have to go get the RV and park it out in front of the house. That will cause our neighbors a stomach ulcer, as there are rules about that here in yuppieville.

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