Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fountain, Colorado

Flowing right past the back of the KOA campground, is fountain creek. On the other side of the creek is the town of Fountain. Our mailing address here is Fountain, so I went to the lower part of the campground and took a picture of the dam/spillway that is right out our back door.

I wondered what was making the rushing water sound, all night, and now we know.

This is the spillway right behind our rig. With that determined, remember I was worried about the highway traffic, and the train noise, but the real problem arose when the place got dark. We are directly under the only really bright street light in the center of camp. Our trailer was as bright with the lights out as it was with them on. Oops!

I usually do not like scenery pictures, but then why do you come to Colorado if it isn't for the scenery. So we went to the Garden of the Gods today, and drove around slowly, stopping in the favorite pull outs to take some pictures.

There are trails all thru these spires, and each could be a post card by itself. But the neuropathy in my feet preclude my ability to hike any place, so pictures from the parking lot will be all I can provide.

I know it is hazy, but the mountain in the background is Pikes Peak.

And then we came to balanced rock. The folks were swarming all over the place, so a picture without people was hard to acquire. See the nuts up on the adjoining rock to the left? They climbed right past a huge sign that said, rock climbing on the balanced rock formations was prohibited.

I waited and waited, and a bunch of the folks did move on, but that pesky gal up there on the rock seemed to want to pose for me. She wouldn't go away. Maybe she called for pizza. Where is the ranger when you need him? I wonder if she knows that the rock is undermined where she is standing?

Some of the other formations. This one had a sign that said they found remnants from ancient fire pit hearths, that carbon dated back 3,400 years. The natives really did see these spires as gods.


The view from this observatory building down thru the valley, but notice all the folks are looking back over my shoulder in the bottom right of the frame. What is so interesting?

I think I see it up there on that rock, a mountain goat, or sheep. Heck there's a bunch of them up there.

And of course one of them has to play king of the hill. My pocket camera doesn't have too much zoom without giving up pixels so they are not too clear. Better take the big camera from now on.

So we drove all over the area today, remembering where everything is located. We went to Manitou Springs and found the Cog railway station. We drove past the Broadmoor hotel and around their golf course that overlooks Cheyenne Lake. That's more than cool. No poor folks around that part of the foothills.

Then we drove out South of the Springs to Mountaindale Campground, where RV Dreamers Ed and Marilyn Dray are parked. We wanted to see the Campground as a possible place to move to. It is about 25 minutes up into the mountains South and West of Cheyenne Mountain. (Norad)

It was immediately colder and rainy as we climbed up to the CG. We found the sites to be quite close together and mostly full. So, cold, rainy, tight, no sewer sites, ya I think we will stay down here in town for a while. It smelled of pine trees and really had the IT factor, but we will pass for now. Oh and Ed and Marilyn have some friends with them right now and weren't there, so we have missed meeting them again.

Lastly we went to camping world. We looked at a bunch of new units, even though our trailer is only one year old. You know, Bigger, Bigger, Bigger. LOL.

It never ceases to amaze me what most folks would rather have than money! Right?


  1. Great Blog Very "Funny and Scenic" Keep it Coming!

  2. Thank you for the scenery photos, Rod for those of us that do love scenery!


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