Sunday, August 31, 2008

We went to Fairplay

After yesterday's adventure, we needed a down day. One where we didn't challenge a mountain pass. We tried to hang around the campground and watch the campers arrive for their big weekend, but that became boring quickly.

Folks have to hurry to arrive, hurry to set up, hurry to have some fun. It just served to make us want to get away for a while.

We went over the mountain to the East, only about 9,500 feet. Forty miles up the road toward Denver, is the town of Fairplay, Co.

This is the historic main street. Yes you can stay in the Hotel, and Loyce said the man was actively describing his rooms to all that would listen. They were about $59.

This street has board sidewalks, and could be right out of the 1890's. Loyce found the store she wanted right off the bat. Dolls!

We split up, and I went up the street to the hat store. This is a hat factory, not just a sales store. Check that board sidewalk.

They made most to these hats right on the premises. They have a machine from 1890 that goes over your head and copies the exact shape. If you have a big bump in the middle of you forehead, it copies it exactly. Then they transfer the shape to a hat block, where they form your new hat. Once formed, it is baked in a hat oven that permanently locks the shape into the hat.

I did buy a hat from these folks, but it was one that was made in China, for not near the price. But at least I bought something. LOL.

Tonight, I barbecued some hamburgers, and when the sun went down, I went to the group campfire. Loyce passed on the excitement, and stayed back to watch some TV.

The owner of the Campground, spent the daylight part of the evening, giving everyone rides on his model A Ford firetruck. He has benches in the back where the hoses used to be. The old 4 cylinder brings back a sound that has been gone forever.

As it got dark, they parked the firetruck, and built a large campfire out beside the Campground office. Folks began to assemble. The owner, and several of the work campers, brought their guitars and they put on a sing along. Everyone joined in, if they knew the words. At one point, they told us that if you sing a country song backwards, your beer will fill back up, and your wife will come back. That brought some laughs. It was fun, and felt like I should finish it all off by sleeping under the stars on my saddle. If I had one.

Camping and campgrounds are a lifestyle choice. I have never had these kinds of experiences at Holiday Inn Express.

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