Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hot, Hot,Hot!

And we logged another hot day here in KC. Not fit for man nor beast outside. We got to 98 again today, but I refrained from taking a picture of the thermometer today. You'll have to take my word for it.

I saw that Oklahoma City seemed to be the center of the hot spot here in the Midwest. They were reporting 102 when I looked at about 4 PM. Man that's too hot. The Rio Grande Valley had 96 which is cooler than all of the Midwest. But they were over 100 last week, so they need the break.

All in all I stayed inside and worked on the computer, and odd jobs all day. No big charcoal grill projects, but I did use the cleaning hose on the little pool in the back yard, sucking out the bugs on the bottom. Even got hot doing that little chore.

So nothing happening of interest at our house today. Maybe the heat will break tomorrow, but the forecast is for another high 90's day. Its still a lot better than the below freezing stuff from last winter.

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