Thursday, August 7, 2008

Work at home

Today was another work at home day. The yard needed mowing and I started on it about 9 AM. It was much cooler today than it has been earlier in the week.

We do not have much grass that is growing, but the quack grass and crab grass is taking over the place. I'll need to address this as it cools down more this fall. Right now with it being so hot, it does not seem to be the right time to put any kind of weed or unwanted grass killer on the yard. We are seeing stress in the grass as it is turning brown even though it is being watered on most days that it doesn't rain.

We had the three year old again today, and we spent some of the morning with Chris, her dad talking about his trip to Colorado last year.

I have proposed that we take the RV and go West to Colorado, once the kids are back in school next week. This should take some of the pressure off of the campgrounds as the family campers are back at home for the rest of the summer. Oh sure they will have the weekend outings but I don't think they will be heading off to Colorado over a weekend. We had earlier in the year talked about fall in Florida, and then we talked about Michigan. Yata Yata Yata.

So to give this conversation some time to grow, we think we will go to the Lake and do some dock settin. Maybe get in the mood to head on out to parts distant!

So we may leave tomorrow or then maybe it will be Saturday as these plans are not set in anything solid. I did drain the kiddy swimming pool on our back patio, so we could depart without worry about it being an attractive nuisance.

So lets see, yard mowed-Check, bills paid-Check, pool drained-Check, Ya were about ready to get out of here for the lake.

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