Monday, August 4, 2008

Even Hotter!

Grandma Loyce had the oldest and the youngest today, and went to the big homeowners association pool at about 11 AM. They didn't return by about 12:30, so I saw the opportunity to disappear.

Yep I just slipped right out the door and headed for the car warehouse. I stopped and bought a cheese burger at Hardee's and got one for Chris too, since I knew he hadn't had any lunch either. I didn't have to worry about it getting cold in the car on my way to Belton.

We ate lunch and discussed the absolute lack of calls for cars, and the effect of the 100 degree heat, as people hang tight to their air conditioners. The warehouse was open on the North and the East with a large fan blowing in from the North. But it was still overbearing.

Chris had worked reconditioning some of the cars in the morning, but the temp had chased him into the office by about 11:30. Just couldn't take it anymore in the garage.

We looked thru the cars that were offered at the Adesa auction, and decided to go look at some of them. Driving to the place in the A/C was fine, but then we had to go out into the vast auction parking lot. In the sun! Oh My!

We walked back thru the building looking at the staged cars that were under the roof, but that is only the first 6 or so of each lane, so out the back door and into the sun we went. Several weeks ago I bought this straw Greg Norman style wide brimmed hat to wear in these lots, and I had it on. I look kinda like Tex Ritter, if your old enought to remember him. It helps, but not near enough on a really hot day.

So we went from car to car, and finally I hopped into a 08 Camry that only had 10K miles on it and had some gas. So we decided we needed a demo ride with the A/C on HIGH! We drove around all the cars in the various lanes, hopping out to look, and then back into the Camry.

We saw several that might be ok, but then went and parked the Camry back where it belonged. Then we made a B line back to the big building. They have swamp cooler fans in there, that evaporate water to blow some cooler air. Didn't make much difference, but at least we were out of the sun. I did see 100 degrees, on the dash thermometer of the Camry.

We went back to the Belton office and worked some more on the internet, but the A/C in there was not keeping up either. It creeped back up to 86 inside, running full tilt. So I went home. Enough allready.

Loyce tells me we are planning to go back to the lake next week, as it is the kids last days of summer before they have to go back to school. I guess they are going along with us and perhaps their parents will come on the weekend.

Tomorrow it is the first auction of the week, and it starts at 9:30. It will already be 90, and only get hotter as it progresses. Sounds like sooome fun! LOL

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