Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tomorrow were off!

Why heck yes it still leaks! The tire was down to 35 pounds over night, and I aired it back up to 50 this morning. We will see how low it is tomorrow morning.

But we are going just the same. We spent the day loading all the stuff that it takes to move your household to the travel trailer. Seems like we need to take the whole place with us. Of course I have to load all the electronic toys and that is a bunch of stuff.

Cameras, GPS, computers, you would think I could leave some of it home. But no. Loyce is loading all her stuff too, so we spent the day getting prepared.

I will take the small air compressor with us and air the leaking tire as needed. When we get to some place that we will stay for awhile, I'll get it fixed. Once we are set up on a site, it should be no problem to remove the tire and wheel and have it repaired.

If worse comes to worse and there is something really wrong with the tire, we have a spare under the tongue. Then there is always coach net if we get really desperate.

Again these plans are in jello, as the facts that present themselves in the morning will dictate the proceedings. We have reservations at the KOA in Hays, Kansas so that isn't too far away.

So wish us luck and were out of here.

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