Monday, August 18, 2008

KOA WaKeeney, Ks

We made it here without incident. The pesky tire was only down to 40 lbs this morning, from 50 yesterday. That's better. I wonder if I don't have a bad valve stem? I think I will change that out first, before I get too carried away removing the tire.

I'll air it up before we leave tomorrow.

We left the house at 11:30 and never looked back. 291 miles later we are here at a KOA in WaKeeney, Ks. This is out in the middle of the vast American prairie. As in 30 miles West of Hays.

I 70 is a toll road from Kansas City to Topeka. With the extra two axles on the trailer, we pay as though we were a four axle truck. $3.75. For About 70 miles, Wow. But it is so much faster than the old US 40, you wouldn't think of not taking it.

So what can you say about a campground on the frontage road of an interstate. Gee the trucks sure are quiet when they roar by. But we have all the HD CATV channels as well as the regular CATV channels and super Wifi. With the KOA Kard discount, it was $28 for pull thru with water and electric. Works for me.

As is usual in theses places, we have about a 25 foot wide site. Our door is on the back of our rig, so I can see up the street to the end out of the door, so its all good.

So we are here watching the Olympic volley ball game in HD, and reloading all the stuff we kind of threw in, back in KC. Much more relaxed, now that we are away from home.

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