Friday, August 1, 2008

Grand Daughter time!

Now how did I get my self into this trouble? I re read yesterday's blog, and somehow I made it sound like I favored the youngest grand child. Thats not what I meant at all. The youngest is here about half of the time, so it is much more routine to have her along.

But today we have the three year old. All day, and she is going to stay the night too. She is such a delight! She never is quiet, unless she is asleep. She sings and is happy, happy. She knows her alphabet and numbers. If you write them on a piece of paper she can tell you what you wrote. Not words of course but the letters.

I'm sure she will do very well, once she goes to school. But then I am grandpa, and quite biased.

She and grandma Loyce went swimming in the big pool, for over two hours right thru lunch. And then to Donalds as she calls it. Had her hamburger fix. So tonight we went to the Bandana's BarBeCue again. She had a grilled cheese. And apple sauce.

They make their apple sauce like my grandma did with big chunks of apple remaining, and not near as much sugar. So the kids do not like it much, since it isn't like what comes out of the jar. She struggles with eating it, but it is much better for her.

Once we got home, it was a big ice cream cone, with chocolate marshmellow in it. No wonder the kids like grandma so much. She will have to go to bed here after a while, and that is when she will realize that mommy and daddy won't be here until tomorrow.

This is when we have had some, I miss my mommy time, on previous overnights. So we will see how tonight goes.

I declared that today, was a day away from the car warehouse. I didn't go anywhere near the place. I read my mail, and worked on the computer most of the day. The yard was mowed yesterday, and I went to the grocery store last night, so today we relax. Aah!

Never did take a nap or anything like that, but I can get lost on the internet for hours on end. There is so much to learn, and it is all available right here. Then there are all the blogs, and the barbecue sites, and the motor home sites.

Bingo, day shot! But a good day playing with the grand daughter and eating all the stuff I shouldn't.

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