Monday, August 11, 2008

Two Bird Day

Try as I might, my clandestine internet connection isn't reliable enough to post pictures. And sometimes, it isn't good enough to do anything. But after many tries, I got this picture of the chickens on the big grill to upload.

Yes, you already know the process, so just the end result is all that is necessary to see. The big grill is a lot easier to start a larger fire in, and keep it regulated as to how hot it is. I did add briquettes after about an hour, and some hickory chips, for a little more color and smoke taste. At the end of two hours, they were 170 in the breast meat. Done!

We didn't go out in the boat yesterday, but I went and got some gas to put in it when we do go out. That shouldn't be too far off as our son Ben and his wife and three kids are on their way as I write this. They should arrive later this afternoon.

I have a couple of pictures of the Sarg humming bird guarding the feeder, but alas, the connection will not allow me to upload them.

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