Saturday, August 23, 2008

Buena Vista, Colorado

We are in the Snowy Peaks RV Park North of town on Highway 24. We had a leasurely trip from the South side of Colorado Springs to this park. We didn't leave until 11 AM and drove North around the Army base to access Hwy 115.

Traveling South we joined Hwy 50 West of Pueblo. When we got to Canon City, we started looking for a laundry. Seems we have very little that wasn't covered with the gravel of the KOA campground. While it had all the necessary stuff like full hookups, it was all gravel, even the yard under the picnic table. This tracks in and makes everything dirty.

The laundry took us more than an hour to finish, but we had lunch in the trailer while we waited. Following US 50 we went to the Royal Gorge, and then thru the canyon with the fast moving river and the train tracks. We didn't actually go to the bridge that crosses the river, as that would have been hard pulling the trailer.

Numerous outfitters had zodiac style boats on the river and were giving white water tours of the gorge. The canyon goes for miles and miles. It ends at Salida, which means exit in spanish if I remember right.

Here at Snowy Peaks, we have the first site along the road, and it has a grass front yard. We do have the Highway noise, but it is a two lane road, and our neighbors told us that it does dye down after 10 PM. I will try to get a picture posted tomorrow.

We are set up and comfy, and are watching the sun duck thru the clouds and behind the big mountains about 5 miles West of here. I think we are at about 7,900 feet, at least my head ache would indicate at least that much.

I did get set up without too much shortness of breath. And also amusing, I strung about 75 feet of cable and tee'd into the cable box behind my neighbors motor home. I asked him first, and had him check to see if I goofed up his reception. All was good, until the campground lady came by and told me that this site doesn't have cable TV. OOOOOPS, well then! Its OK charge me for it.

She made a quick management decision, and said no if I was connected to the neighbors, she couldn't charge me.

If we get used to the altitude, and can stand the highway at night, this will be one of the nicest sites we have ever had in a commercial campground. The wifi is really slow, so pictures will not be as plentyful and perhaps I will need to shrink their size, in order to post from here.

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