Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Colorado Springs, KOA

No I don't do KOA commercials, its just that it was easy to make these reservations on the internet and the parks are right on the interstate where you can easily find them. But that is also a draw back tonight.

We are on the I 25 interstate South of Colorado Springs. Right on the frontage road. I can see the cars and trucks out the RV door as I type this. And why heck yes it is noisy. This is the highway to Pueblo, South of here, and it carries as much traffic as I 35 does in KC. Never slows up. Will it keep us from sleeping? We will know by tomorrow.

We left WaKeeney by 10:30 and rolled West. We were at 1800 feet of elevation as we departed. We drove West thru Goodland, where the National Weather Service Station for Western Kansas is located. We were always in competition with Goodland when I worked the Ham radio contest from the Des Moines NWS. They finally passed us up, but it took several years. So seeing the radar antenna sticking up North of town was a treat.

We stopped at the Wal Mart and shopped for some quick groceries, and then used the parking lot as a camp for lunch. We sat there for about an hour. We gassed up as we were headed into Colorado, and gas is much higher here in Co. I think we paid 3.58 in Goodland, and right over the line it was 3.89.

We went to Limon, Co where we took hwy 24 South to Co Sprgs. We gassed again in Limon, and it was 3.84. Not much better. While climbing out of Limon, we passed thru 6,800 feet on the GPS, before beginning to decend into the Springs. We are at about 6,400 here in the campground. We drove about 300 miles again today, but 24 highway was much slower, as it is a two lane, winding mountain type road. Its a good road, but the hills made us slow to 45 or so rather than the 60 we were keeping on the interstate.

We arrived right at 5 PM, once we set our watch back to Mountain time. Rush hour! 24 is right on the city streets thru the Southeast portion of the city. Not too conducive for sight seeing. But we are unhooked from the truck, and have two nights reserved. We can get the lay of the city tomorrow, without having to move to a new camp by a set checkout time.

Gas here is back in the 3.56 area depending on the station. The truck will seem to do very well, as it reverts back to 16 or 17 mpg from the 9.5 we get pulling the trailer. No, I didn't add up the receipts, but 600 miles devided by 9 times 3.60. $240 Not too awful but not cheap either.

Rving is a choice, it is not cheaper! We have our own bed and many of our familiar posessions, and we had charcoal fired chicken breast from the grill tonight. Thats hard to do at Motel 6. LOL.

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