Friday, August 15, 2008

Preparing for the trip

We didn't get too wound up about the preparation today, mostly just kicking back and taking things slowly.

This morning I studied the oil change records. I had about 2000 miles on the engine oil since it was last changed. But that change was three months ago. So based on time, not mileage, I decided to get it changed.

Off to the Valvoline oil change shop. The $12 discount coupon turned out to be a $7 discount since to get the $12 you had to change out your wiper blades. Ours are fine. I waited from three back in line to get to the bay. Not as slow as Wal Mart when I got the bosses oil changed in Lake Ozark.

Wal Mart was around $30 and Valvoline was over $55 even though I had the $7 coupon. They pulled the trick of showing me the dirty air filter and wanting to change it for $25. The filter does have 25,000 miles on it and does need to be changed, but $25. Not today. Later in the morning, I stopped by Auto Zone and got a new filter for $12. Snapped two little clip hooks and threw the old one in their barrel. Thirteen dollar savings.

The rest of the day I worked on the smaller laptop that we take with us in the RV. That way we are not both wanting the same laptop at the same time. It hadn't been plugged in for about 4 months and the battery was very dead. When I did fire up the machine and it signed on, the updates began pouring in.

First it was Windows XP, then the virus program (AVG) was old and needed removed and a new version downloaded. Then Firefox was needing updated and so forth. Took and awful long time to get up to operating speed.

So today was getting ready, but it doesn't show much like I did anything.

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