Friday, August 8, 2008

At the Lake on Friday

We arrived here at the lake about 5:30 Friday night. All was just as we left it three weekends ago. That's good too. Sometimes stuff happens while you are gone, that is not too good. Or bad for that matter.

But I will not get into all the old problems that we have encountered with absentee ownership of a distant home.

Tonight the lake has come alive with folks boating up and down the lake. Going to see their friends or to the local drinking establishment. Too late now to be eating supper. I usually try to stay off of the water after 10 PM. Nothing is going on out there that will not wait until tomorrow.

It has really cooled down here as it was 100 or so earlier in the week, and now it was 81 when we arrived. Of course it was 90 inside as the A/C was set to that temp and the windows were all closed. We opened up and ran the whole house attic fan for about an hour and then set the A/C down in the mid 70's.

Now that it is 11 at night it is beginning to get back to the 80 degree mark. Everything in the house is still hot though. And our bed will be hot until morning. Even though the air is cooler from the A/C it seems that the mattress stays hot forever.

I have lost my Wifi benefactor. Big tears!! They have turned on WPA security, to keep their neighbors out. Imagine that! So we are back to using the random wifi that we might pick up from who knows where. The laptop doesn't see any of these access points, but the repeater router does, if you put it outside. So it is sitting on the gas grill on the back deck.

This makes browsing a real pain as it is slower than mollasses. But I never have put in my own system, as it is cable tv as the only source, out here on the North Shore. We are miles away from any DSL, and we have never had a land line phone since we built this place in 2003.

We use satellite tv and have a local antenna to see if we can pick up the local weather and stuff. We are 60 miles from Columbia/Jefferson City stations that are out in the country between those cities. They want more for the cable here than in KC, and we are not here that much.

So without the cable tv then no cable modem for internet either. You have to pay for TV just to be eligble for the internet, which makes the whole deal too high priced.

All is well here, but I am falling asleep as I type, so tomorrow will be here already if I don't sign off!

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