Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crested Butte

This is Crested Butte. There are two areas or villages in this town, Crested Butte, and Crested Butte Mountain. The Mountain village is to the left of this picture in a valley.

I drove right thru the old town and up to the valley. This is mostly houses, condos, and the ski area. It has several lifts.

Here you can see the areas that are cleared of their trees to make the ski runs.

The village has condos and town homes in neat little rows. Pricey little places, starting at 399 and going into the millions.

Another lift and more individual houses.

More of the mountain village

This is CB Mountain from the road going up.

Now we went downtown to the old Main Street.

The old downtown is still right under the Butte.

Most of these stores were ski apparel, eating establishments, and I did find one fly fishing store.

The post office. It is really old.

This is an overhang of a restuarant, and shows how old most of these building really are. They have new fronts and decor, but the floors all creaked as you walked on them.

Crested Butte is a mix of new and old. The mountain village up the valley is all brand new, and reminds you of Vail, but is more single family units. The old village is from the 1800s and maintains that enchantment. There are houses for miles back down the mountain road that goes to Gunnison.

We enjoyed our tour of the town, but found it a bit touristy, like Vail. Lets put it this way, THERE ARE NO CAMPGROUNDS! And one feels as though they really wouldn't be interested in adding one any time soon.

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