Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The final night at the Lake. For Now.

All is quiet here in Lake Ozark. The lake is calm as most vacationers have left for home. School starts tomorrow in Kansas and our grandkids left this afternoon to head for home.

We are left with the dirty laundry and an empty refrigerator. Well that's all right since we are going back to KC tomorrow ourselves. Once we put everything back in its place and finish the laundry, well be out of here.

The pontoon is still sitting without its cover on, and that takes about a half hour for one person to snap all the little snaps that are about every foot or so on the sides of the cover. It is held up with poles in the center. They stand on the floor and have a plastic tip that sticks thru grommets in the cover. Always makes me sweaty and hot to finish the job, and tomorrow will be no different.

We still haven't decided if we are leaving on a mini vacation or where we might go. I have suggested Colorado but Loyce is not too excited for that. So our plans do not exist as of this writing. Perhaps we will not go at all.

The humming birds are still at war on the back yard deck. I was surprised to find out that they are not the least bit scared of me. I went out to grill some bratwurst last last night, and they flew away. No surprise, I expected that. But then the drill sarge, guard bird flew back an hovered about 3 feet away looking me right in the eye, making bird noises at me. I think she was trying to scare me away.

I don't scare too easily, which she wasn't happy about. So she perched herself on the wire above my head. I went on cooking the dogs. Next thing I know she is over on the feeder squawking at me again. This time she is only about 2 feet away.

Then she proceeds to ignore me and drink from the nectar in the feeder. Well once she was at the feeder, then the other birds came back, and they started the chase each other routine, without any regard for my presence. They were flying around me from everywhere.

If I moved suddenly, it would scare them, but if I just went about my business, they were all over me. I have seen on other blogs, how folks can get them to perch on their finger, by laying it on the perch on the feeder. That will have to be for another time. But I am still amazed at how close they were willing to get to me.

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