Friday, August 29, 2008

Back North to Dillon

They advertise Dillon as a Lakeside Mountain Ski resort. You all know that we are suckers for the lake part of any location, so we went to Dillon today. It is back North to Leadville, and then Northeast on 91 over the freemont pass. Again this is 11,319 feet above sea level. But the road is wide and more straight, without those shelf, cliffside, steep climbs.

Once we arrived in Frisco, which is next to Dillon, we were amazed to find a normal modern day town. Not too exciting. You know Wendy's and Conoco, and the like. Nothing to take a picture of.

We drove around to Dillon, and went to the Malecon (spanish for seaside walkway) right off of main street. The shops were new and the town has no quaintness, but the lake is dynamite!

Again this could be a panoramic shot, if I had a tripod. Note the sailboat in both shots.

I turned to the North, and shot the mountain from the same spot. The lake is beautiful, but the town is new and commercial.

We drove around, and circled the lake, using the GPS as a guide. Otherwise we would have been lost for sure.

We shopped in some stores, and finally went to a Wal Mart, but it wasn't a super store so the groceries were limited.

Driving back to Leadville, we decided to go see if Turquoise Lake was any more Turquoise. Remember the other day it was really overcast and the lake was dark.

It may not be really blue green, but it sure was a lot more blue today.

And another shot. These were taken from the center of the dam.

And while we are on the subject of Leadville, do you remember the quilt shop?

Here are the inside pictures that I promised.

This place seems to be from the turn of the century. The 19th century.

When she was checking out your purchases, she explained that she couldn't take credit cards. She would accept checks, since most folks that quilt are honest!

We didn't have a checkbook with us, so she said just leave your name and address, and send her a check when you get back home! To me, the staunch accountant, that seemed nuts. But she said she has never lost a dime. We paid her in cash! LOL

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