Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More Car Auctions

It was the usual Tuesday routine. Up early, over to the first auction, to see how much the Camry and some other cars we were looking at would go for. Way way too much! Within 2 thousand of new price. Beyond what retail used would cost.

There are very few used cars that are decent right now, so the ones that are, cost as much as new ones.

So after Mexican lunch at our favorite cantina in Belton, it was off to the big auction to look at this weeks offering. It was beyond Hot out on that asphalt lot. I was driving a Ford Fusion, to check it out and drive by others we wanted to see. It was showing 102 on the dash thermometer. It didn't go there for a brief moment, it stayed there for the whole time we were in the car.

We walked some too but it was more than this fat old guy could take. We came home. Not a day to remember, but then it isn't winter either.

Tomorrow morning, it is back out to this larger auction for the days proceedings. We always go the day before, to look and drive some of the cars that we might potentially bid on. This is called previewing, and it keeps us from making a mistake by bidding on a potential wolf in sheep's clothing.

All the grand kids were here with Loyce and out in the little pool, when I got home. Ema had been here all day, and they are all looking forward to going to the Lake next week.

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