Wednesday, October 1, 2008

At the car lot and auction today

Back to work for another day. We worked on a car that has been in front of the building for several days. It is an older, 2003 Buick that has bunches of miles on it but is as clean as if it is brand new.

We bought it about 60 days ago, and have not sold it yet. Spent some time re cleaning this car and we will drive it some to keep it exercised.

We went up to the auction to take care of some business transactions and preview the cars for this week. It is the same old, same old. All of the really nice Toyotas, are for licensed Toyota dealers, in a closed auction. The cars that are repossessions and hail damaged and so forth are available to general dealers, but for the really clean stuff, you have to be a Toyota dealer.

This of course keeps the prices way sky high. Not that the cars cost any more at wholesale, but the dealers will not price cut on the retail lot. That forces you and me to pay darned near new price for the used cars. Almost like price fixing.

We didn't see anything that attracted, or called out our name. Buy me, buy me, buy me. If we are not in Love, why would we expect you to be?

And also the little Corolla that I have been working on for the last several days has now been paid for by me personally. So I own it. Have my own insurance on it, and will have to go pay the sales tax and license. As soon as the auction can straighten out some of the signatures on the title.

I have resisted owning a Japanese auto, for all theses years, but now I have succomed. Well not totally, since the VIN starts with a 2, that means it was manufactured in Canada. Hey Hey how about that? The profits still go to Toyota Motors, and that is in Japan.

I have resisted talking about the 400 point recovery of the market today, because it will be over corrected to the positive and give up some of the gains tomorrow. We will have to wait and see by the end of he week.

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