Saturday, March 6, 2010


Algadones, Mexico again today.  It is just so easy to pop across the boarder and shop in Algadones, that we had to go again.  Its about 5 miles beyond the Colorado River on I 8.  Then perhaps a mile or so South.

The parking lot is giant.  It is Indian owned, and they collect $5 off of all the folks heading across.  Well,  except the folks that park in the street and walk several blocks to get to the crossing.

Since  the parking is fenced, we pay the five bucks.  We didn't go until after noon, so folks were coming back and we got a spot right near the front of the lot.  I've walked farther to Wal Mart.

So just like that we were over looking thru the stuff.  We aren't really looking for stuff, but rather I can buy some of the diabetes drugs quite cheaply in Mexico.  When you get 100 count bottles of the main med for $5.  Well that won't even pay the co pay here in the US.

Since we really didn't have any other business over there, we went around the big square block where all the shops are and headed back out.

Now comes the rub.  The line of all the folks that were over in Mexico is forming about 2:30.  We wondered how long we would have to wait, but then just got in line as we decided it was just as easy to wait in line as standing around waiting for the line to go down.

As I was just going thru the door into the US customs agent, I glanced back and noticed the line was only about a third as long as it was when we got in.  We had hit the exact high point of the line.

The agent swiped my passport, and asked "what did ya buy?"  Meds.... and he nodded me on!  See it helps to be an old fat retired guy.

Back at the MH, we had a nice warm afternoon going on, and it was almost too hot in the rig.  I put on the stand fan, and promptly fell asleep. 

Tonight was Cracker Barrel, gota love those biscuits,  will need more of those meds we bought today.

Retired Rod

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  1. Now, I thought bringing drugs across the border would at least merit an interview under a hot light! I'm glad the meds are being put to good use though combating the effects of the Cracker Barrel.


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