Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring drive to the lake.

My conscience got the better of me, as I worry about the Lake home when we are gone for months at a time.  The last time I was at the Lake was last  December when we came back from Phoenix for Christmas.  So this morning, I gassed the car and headed to the Lake of the Ozarks.

I had to stop by the storage place and retrieve another of my ham radios that went with us for our winter trip, as it really belongs in the car I am driving.  So with only that delay, I hit the road East.   It takes a little over three hours to get here, and I lazed along in no particular hurry.  It was sunny and the temperature had risen to over 60.

It would have been nicer if the trees would have had some leaves and the fields were green, but it is still way too early for any of those things.  The grass is showing some tinges of green, so it will not be all that long until spring is here in full force.  I did notice some baby leaves on my tree in the front yard of the Kansas home.

The lake is quite low, and the water is still dingy from the long winter, which won't change until we get some meaningful spring rains.  But luckily everything here is just as I left it before Christmas.  Loyce usually does not come along on these "check the place out runs,"  and today was no exception.  So I have been entertaining myself most of the evening with the computer, and the one TV channel that I can receive here without the satellite box.

She suggested that I bring the receiver, but it was wired into the basement in Kansas, and the second receiver is in the MH also wired in, so I passed on the removal process. 

Some of my friends from Des Moines called tonight on Skype, so we had a big conference call, which occupied my time for about two hours.  Then there were all the blogs to read, and you see I keep busy!

Not sure what I will do tomorrow, but perhaps I will just sit here in the screen porch and stare at the lake as it warms up in the spring sun.  We are to be in the 70s and perhaps 80 one of these afternoons, so that will be welcome for the folks here in Missouri.  I of course just came from that kind of weather in Phoenix, but it will be just a pleasant here too.

Loyce and I haven't been away from each other since we left after Christmas, so it seems really quiet without her here to instruct me as I make decisions.  Really, I do miss her, almost immediately.

Retired Rod


  1. Where are you on the lake? I had a place at the 81mm till the water got so polluted my lab keep getting ear infections from swimming in the water.

  2. We are at the Three Mile Marker on the North Shore.


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