Monday, March 15, 2010

Time change day in Nevada

Nevada is in the Pacific time zone and observes daylight saving time.  So time changed here today!

When we arrived last Tuesday from Arizona, I announced that I wasn’t changing my watch to Pacific time, since it would be daylight saving by Sunday and change ahead again at that time.

Now that is true since Arizona doesn’t observe Daylight time.  So in the summer they are on Pacific time, and in the winter they are on with Denver.  Confused yet?

So Tuesday when we leave here and return to Arizona, we will not be changing our clocks again.  That is until we go to New Mexico, where they do observe daylight time. Then changing again when we go to Texas as it is Central Daylight time. 

I wonder if my watch winder is up to the task?

Today was a complete down day where we never left the park.  Loyce did the laundry and I helped by toting the big bags over to the laundry building.  We spent the afternoon reading the maps and looking at weather forecasts trying to decide which route to take home, and when to go.

I’m not sure we were able to come to any conclusion, other than we wanted to stay above freezing at night as we go back, and we decided to go from Arizona on either I 40 or I 10 depending on the weather.

So far we have decided to go back into Arizona to perhaps Congress where there is a SKP park.  We will stop there and watch the weather and see when we can leave for Kansas. Right now it looks to be quite cold as we go over the mountains from Flagstaff all the way over to Amarillo.   If this doesn’t improve, we will head South and take the I 10 solution where the weather will be more agreeable.

Time and mother nature will make this decision for us.

Retired Rod

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  1. I've always preferred I-40, except for Flagstaff and I think it probably even snows or sleets there in summer!


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