Friday, March 12, 2010

Quilt Shops and Radio Stores.

Well now, is three quilt shops in one day way too many? Does Charlie Daniels play a really mean fiddle?  That is how my day went, sitting in the car waiting as Loyce spent time in each of these shops.  Two of these shops were recommended by Paulette, in her comment of several days ago.  It was the second visit to the shop here in Boulder City.

I did get some make up time however, as we stopped at two different radio shops.  The first was here in Boulder City, and was absolutely filled to the ceiling with every kind of old used electronic equipment.  This would take hours to look over to see what it all is.  Like looking thru a junk shop for antiques.  I decided I needed to come back after Loyce was back home.

The second radio shop, was a mainline Ham Radio store that is found in many cities in our country.  It is based out of Wisconsin, Amateur Electronic Supply.  I purchased a book written by  Bob Heil, a well known microphone specialist.  I have met him at Dayton during the Hamvention.

Additionally we stopped by a trailer supply place on Fremont Street only a few blocks East of the famous light show.  I purchased a new jack to go on the utility trailer.  This is a marine style jack that mounts on the side of the tongue.  It is a fold up jack that turns a quarter of a turn to fold up.  On a marine trailer, the standard crank jack often reaches up under the bow and the handle cannot be turned without hitting the boat.

By mounting the jack on the side of the angled part of the tongue, it is out of the way of the boat.  In this application, I hope folding it up will remove the post out from under the hitch so it will not drag. 

I will attempt to mount this jack on the trailer in the morning.  Wish me luck!

It was fun buzzing all over Las Vegas looking for stores and shops.  We drove thru the strip several times, and once the full length from downtown to the Luxor.  We also drove around the KOA at Circus Circus.  It is a large blacktop parking lot. It does have full hookups and is marked out in camping spots.  But it is right North of the Circus Circus parking garage.  Most of the attraction properties are South of this location, but can be reached on foot.  Like having your own house on the North end of the strip.

We were really tired as we arrived back here tonight, but I'm sure we'll be right back over there tomorrow.

Retired Rod

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