Monday, March 22, 2010

Travel to Holbrook

Taking pictures of windshield bugs.


Can you believe the desert is so greeeeeen!

DSCN1305 DSCN1308

It will be a while before we see these big cactus again, so it was kind of nice to wave goodbye.  That’s when I started snapping pics.   Kind a hard to do while driving, but remember Loyce is in the car following, so your on your own when stuff falls over in the back of the bus.


Headed up the Black Canyon Freeway North of Phoenix



We left the SKP park before 9 AM this morning, but I promptly turned the watch to Mountain Daylight time, which is ahead one hour.  Arizona doesn’t do DST.  But we’re going to New Mexico and then Texas, so lets get with the program right now.

It was a nice drive, until you get North of Black Canyon, and then you get to climb, and climb some more.  Then you climb again.  No fiddling with the camera then. 



When you finally get to Flagstaff, you are at almost 7,000 feet, and Humphrey’s Peak North of the city overwhelms your view.  It is the highest point in Arizona at well over 12,000 feet.  It was cold in Flagstaff and there was snow all over the place.  We have successfully stayed away from that stuff all winter, so it was somewhat of a cool surprise.

We parked in a Sam’s Club parking lot, and I headed in to get some pop.  I found a loaf of bread and some frozen blue berries for Loyce’s breakfast too.  We made lunch and proceeded to become parked into the lot by other folks that just had to park on the outskirts of the parking lot.

After some backing up and wiggling, I managed to get free of the lot and back out on I 40.  I spent the afternoon listening to the Fox News People as they reported on the Congress.  I stopped in the Flying J at Winslow for some diesel, and we came on to our destination for the night at the KOA in Holbrook, Az.

We didn’t make it completely out of Arizona, but we are only about an hour from New Mexico, and it should be goodbye fairly quickly in the morning.  We do miss being in Arizona when we leave, but do not miss the 110 degree days that they have while we are gone.  Maybe we just miss the Arizona we know in the winter, LOL.

We are camped by the interstate, and I am listening to the cars and trucks as they roar by.  We are not really as close as we have been in other camps, but we came from North Ranch,  where we were miles from nowhere.  You could hear the gears in your own head there, so this is culture shock!

Better post this and get to bed, as tomorrow is another 400 mile day.

Retired Rod

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