Friday, March 5, 2010

Yuma Again

This time we are in the Sun Vista RV Resort.  This is East on 32nd street, several miles South of I 8.  The last time we were here, we were right on the frontage road of the interstate.  And we were right along the front of the RV park.

Again we are in the front of the park here but, we are inward about ten rigs from the road, and the road while busy, is not the interstate!


We were up before 8 AM but that was California time,  It was already 9 AM in Arizona.  I didn’t focus on that, but rather got right to work cleaning up all my junk up in the front of the MH.  My mess has to be in order or the slides can’t be folded.  Loyce had done most of her stuff the night before.

Once outside, the blue jobs fell in order.  We were on the road about 10. 

Santee is in the middle of the city, and has a river dividing it.  I decided to go West directly to the freeway even though that made us drive around a big circle of freeways.  The freeways were moving at highway speeds and the city is gridlock.  We rolled right out of town without any slowdowns. 

As you head East out of San Diego you climb.  And climb.  The semi trucks are in the slow lane. All the cars are in the fast lane screaming by.  On some of the hills there are three lanes and I was able to drive the 55 mph allowed for vehicles pulling trailers.  The Cummins engine in the front diesel is able to climb past all the trucks and the gas MHs.  Still, it is trying to weave back and forth between the faster group and the slow trucks.

I was really glad to take a break when we made it to the first rest area.  Loyce requested the stop on the two way radio, but I readily complied.  As you top out after about 50 miles, your reach 4,200 feet above sea level.

The rocks at this summit are giant boulders. Piles and piles of sandy tanish brown boulders.  Like a kid with piled up irregular shaped marbles.   They are mounded into mountain like piles.  Its neat, but there were no places to stop. Pictures were out of the question. 

Then as you reach the top, there is a little sign warning about the 6 percent down grade.  Then you go past a yellow diamond with a bundle of S curves all connected together.    Thank goodness for the Exhaust Brake, it was on for the next ten miles.  You end up back at sea level or below.

Imperial Valley is a large oasis of farm ground with canals for irrigation and greeeeeen fields of hay.  Right in the middle is the town of El Centro.  We got off the interstate again.  I saw the In and Out arrow before I could begin to read the sign.  More hamburgers!  We parked and rested along a empty lot adjacent to the burger joint.

Back on the road, we only had about 60 miles  to Yuma.  You travel along the boarder with Mexico, and the white boarder trucks zoom all over the place.  There are check points but only the West bound lane was being checked out today.  The fence is massive and runs on mile after mile.  I know it is necessary as folks are storming across in record numbers, but it is a real scar on the landscape.

After the Imperial Dunes where giant sand dunes reach skyward for about 5 miles, you break out into BLM ground.  The desert is peppered with RVs as far as can be seen.  The main road for this boondocking is called Ogilby Road.  It has an interchange right from I 8.

We are not boondockers since we like our water and electric.  Loyce would mutiny.  So we came to East Yuma and looked for a RV park.

So here we are in Sun Vista, which is waaay too high priced for what we have, but most of the parks were completely full.  What are you going to do?  Its the law of supply and demand.


Retired Rod


  1. When I was there last year I connected up with Phyllis from the chat room and she was able to put me up at a much more reasonable rate and in a much better spot.

  2. "So here we are in Sun Vista, which is waaay too high priced for what we have, but most of the parks were completely full. What are you going to do?"

    Pop a couple solar panels on the roof, fill up your fresh water tank & escape the masses. Electricity & water as usual:)) Jim Meachum & Ellie of 'JusTraveling' are now doing it & they are having a blast up near Bouse.


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