Saturday, March 27, 2010

Keeping out of the Way! / Ham Club

Another day of back to normal at home, what ever that may mean.  We still have a lot of sorting and cleaning to do, but Loyce is hard at it reducing piles of clothes and household items as they are filed away in her magical filing system.  This is code for Rod gets outa the way and stays outa the way.

So I pretty much worked on the computer for much of the day, until I just had to get out and about.  So a scooter ride became the order of the day once the temperature was over about 55.  I needed to go get the rest of my diabetic medicines out of the MH, and also some of the electronic stuff that was stored under the drivers seat. 

So a bike ride over to the storage place reminded me that it was still quite cold outside at 45 mph.  I had on sweatshirt and motorcycle jacket, but still I am a wimp.  My gloves are summer grade without fingertips, and have ventilator backs, so my hands were cold immediately.

But I also rode over to Wendy's for a cheap burger and brought back a chicken for the boss lady.  That must have been OK, as it disappeared upon my return.

Tonight, was the fourth Tuesday of the month, so it was Ham Radio Club night.  I haven't been to a meeting since the Christmas party back on the second Tuesday in December.  It was fun to catch up on all the stuff that us fellows talk about, endlessly. 

So now the day has expired, and I have no productivity to show for it.  But then retired folks do not need to demonstrate production any more, so that is quite all right.  Surely I learned something today but I'm not too sure what it was.      LOL

Retired Rod

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  1. Yep, I know about those cold bike rides alright. Hoping to get the battery back into the Honda next week & get it fired up. Keeping an eye on the weather right now waiting for that 'first cool ride' of the season:))


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