Thursday, March 4, 2010

So Long San Diego

We have wandered all over San Diego, but since we have done the Harbor cruises and the Whale watching cruises and the Zoo before, we decided to pass this year.  We did go to La Jolla, and drove all over the area, and drove past Sea World.  We thought about returning, but never have.  We talked about the Aquarium, but haven't mustered the energy.

We must be old fuddy duddies.

I think Loyce wanted to come here because of the quilt shops, and we have gone to some of those.  Twice!  And it rained buckets, and has been too cool to do anything outside.

Speaking of rain, our site had a spot in the front of it when we arrived, but had been raked over with a harrow.  As soon as it rained, we found out that the spot, was the bottom of the lake that accumulates with standing water.  The front wheels of the MH were in the lake at the height of the storm, but are now dry.

As of yesterday the puddle, pond finally dried out to the dark spot that we had when we arrived.  We were told that they only have 9 inches of rain per year, and we have already had about 3 inches of it so far this year, so perhaps it dries out and is not a problem during the summer.

The locals use the lakes as fishing spots and come every day to use the facilities.  The actual campground is North of the seven lakes, but hook up to the walking paths.  You can walk until your feet and heart can't stand any more here.

All of the sites are gravel, and mud when wet.  Since it has been wet most of the time, we have never even opened our utility trailer and set out even one lawn chair.  I felt so sorry for the poor folks that came last weekend, as it rained for the entire time they were here.  It was a little sunny for the last hour before checkout.

We had discussed the possibility of staying to see if it will get nicer in the week to come, but have decided to move on to what we hope will be a bit warmer climate.      Yuma!

We have no reservations, but will pull into the Wal Mart on East 32nd street and go exploring with the car.  If it becomes necessary, we can Wally Dock for a night.

I have the idea that I need to go back to Algadones, and the Swap Meet.  So we hit the road in the morning!

Retired Rod

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